Our cool tips

A selection of the Neuchâtel region coolest activities

Lakeside and riverside hikes

Lakeside and riverside activities

Water activity | Come and try out this great water sport!

Water activity | Shallow water over a hundred metres, the dream for families.

Water activity | Nestled among the larches, an outdoor pool to delight kids and adults.

Water activity | A pretty little beach in the shape of a cove to splash around in peace.

Water activity | Protected from the currents and the sun, a very attractive area for relaxation and swimming.

Water activity | In the middle of the Val-de-Travers, the swimming pool "des Combes" offers you relaxation and fun!

Water activity | Discover the lake shores on board your own watercraft.

Water activity | Lakeside swimming pool, with inside and outdoor pools.

Water activity | A swimming pool in the middle of the countryside which will please young and old!

Water activity | Fun, relaxation and entertainment at the swimming pool from Le Landeron.

Enjoy the lakes

Cruises | Cruise on the biggest lake in Switzerland that’s all Swiss.

Cruises | An amazing setting and a fantastic drop from a height of 27 metres.

Cruises | A wonderfully relaxing time on the lakes Neuchâtel and Murten.

Cruises | This unforgettable cruise takes you on the Lakes of Biel, Neuchâtel and Murten.

Finding "Islands of coolness"

Natural sites | Venture out into the valley which has beaten the historic record of cold temperatures in Switzerland: - 41.8°C!

Natural sites | Discover an unique site, hidden by the shade of the trees.

Museum | A journey to the centre of the earth to see how the miners of yesteryear worked.

Museum | A mythical descent 23 m underground to discover a unique industrial heritage.

Farm restaurants