Sport & Leisure

In summer and winter, the Jura & Three-Lakes region offers a wide range of activities that includes hiking, cycling, horse riding, cross-country skiing, water sports, swimming, summer sledging and husky sledding.

The Jura & Trois Lacs region truly has something for everyone.

Passing through the farmland of the Ajoie, you arrive in Villars with its magnificent panoramic views...

A hike through the mystical Taubenloch Gorge is a pleasure for the whole family.

From St-Ursanne the trail leads along the Doubs to Tariche and takes the path commemorating the 40th...


From Lucelle the trail follows the border between France and Switzerland. At Roc au Corbeau you will...

Follow the course of the Doubs and its contrasting landscapes.

A hike on the Franches-Montagnes plateau, alternating between ridges, wooded pastures, traditional hamlets...

From Delémont the path ascends slightly past Haute-Borne and reaches Les Ordons with its striking radio...

The northern shores of the Bielersee (Lake Biel) are cultivated to a high degree with vines. The hike...


This trail, accessible to all and particularly to families, connects Mont-Soleil to Mont-Crosin.


From Glovelier the trail is heading up to the Combe Tabeillon nature preserve. You will pass several...

In an almost Mediterranean atmosphere, the Witches' Trail follows an itinerary in the surroundings of the medieval city.

The hike to the Boujean mountain offers a breathtaking view.


This bike route goes from Mont-Soleil to Mont-Crosin.

The green fairy (absinth) floats through the Val de Travers, the Areuse pushes spectacularly through...

La Chaux-de-Fonds–Fleurier

Discover this magnificent region between the deep-blue lake and the verdant vineyards by bicycle.

Mountain Biking

This route leads from the Franches-Montagnes into the deep Doubs valley, crossing a great variety of...

Between intense effort, lush landscapes and exhilarating descents you will find sporting balance.

The Clos du Doubs in all its splendour. This route runs along the river and up its sides. Fantastic views...

This route between the Franches-Montagnes and the Doubs Valley features varying landscapes between the...

A ride from Montfaucon via the Clos du Doubs.

A circular route starting in Delémont that rapidly leads up to the hills north of town. Spectacular vantage...

The Petit-Val is made up of forests, pastures and small valleys. Such unspoilt nature is a great inspiration.

This relatively challenging route leads from the Delémont railway station around the Val Terbi, alternating...

Discover the Val Terbi on a looping route starting from Delémont.

This downhill trail consists of some steep, stone and root sections.

Horse-drawn carts around the wind turbins.

The Equestrian network Jura and Jura bernois offers more of 1'000 kilometres of signposted horseback...

A quality network in the heart of the Chasseral Regional Park.

The Auberge de la Gare invites you to discover the world of horses at your own pace.

The Rais family offers a multitude of activities with their horses: riding, horse-drawn carriages and coaches, toboggans and much more.

Daniel Allimann offers a variety of activities such as horse riding, and carriages with fondue or pierrade.

The “Manège des Franches-Montagnes” riding stable offers you many activities as well as horse riding for all ages and all levels.

Equirando Ajoie offers a variety of personalised activities with its horses and ponies.

Located on the southern flank of the Chasseral, at an altitude of 900 meters, the Poney Ranch of Nods offers a wide range of horse and pony rides for adults and children.

Nestled amidst wooded pastures, Le Peupé horse breeding farm invites you to discover the world of horses....

Tourisme Equestre Courtedoux invites you to discover the world of horses through rides, excursions in horse-drawn carriages or trips in covered wagons.

Experience a Camargue Feeling in one of the most beautiful riding areas of Switzerland.

Horse riding and excursions in horse-drawn carriages or toboggans in the heart of Franches-Montagnes.

Water activities

Whether trout, carp or pike - the canton of Jura offers ideal conditions for fishing in rivers and ponds, for amateur anglers as well as for professionals.

Attractive sand beach in the middle of Biel.

Shallow water over a hundred metres, the dream for families.

Small, hidden sandy bays invite you to spend some relaxing hours.

Nestled among the larches, an outdoor pool to delight kids and adults.

Come and try out this great water sport!

Swimming and splashing can be enjoyed to the fullest at the public swimming spots in Ipsach.

Discover the new trend sport from Polynesia at Lake Biel.

Large outdoor swimming facility on the shores of Lake Biel.

Fun & Adventure

700 metre slide through mountain meadows. Guaranteed excitement.

A great family outing from Biel/Bienne.

The Swiss animal rescue park.

Walking from organic farm to organic farm, getting to know the farmers.

With family, friends or your class, come and discover Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque.

An exciting treasure hunt in and around the city of Delémont.

For lovers of wild plants, nature and creativity!

A beautiful zoological park in Chaux-de-fonds. Ideal for family outings! Free access.

A relaxing way to discover this beautiful region.

Enjoy yourself and relax while playing mini golf on two of the most beautiful courses in Europe.

Mettez-vous au vert avec cette variante du golf ludique et accessible à toute la famille.

A Wild West experience by steam or "Belle Epoque" train.

With our new generation equipment, immerse yourself in a fun and strategic world.

a-Hike, event organiser in the nature.

This is a unique experience, where teamwork and strategies are required!


A healthy body needs movement, moments of peace and time to replenish spent resources.

You never feel as weightless as when you’re in the water.

The only resort hotel of its kind in the Jura with spa and swimming pool.

Ski & Snowboard

For children, parents and toddlers, the pleasures of the snow are endless at the Tramelan ski lift.

15 minutes away from Biel, skiers and snowboarders find slopes at 1'300 m altitude in Les Prés d'Orvin.

Ten kilometres of slopes to enjoy without moderation!

The resort where champion Didier Cuche started his career. Train there to go for gold!


The track from the Clochette to the Bec-à-l'Oiseau, in the Bugnenets-Savagnières area, offers a breathtaking view of the Alps.

La randonnée en raquette plonge presque immédiatement dans le décor enchanteur des Franches-Montagnes....

The pastured woodland of Les Breuleux is one of the most beautiful sites in the Franches-Montagnes. Vast...

A magnificent path through the Franches-Montagnes between the villages of Le Noirmont and Les Bois. It’s...

This loop, starting from Bellelay, goes along and then crosses the peat bog of La Sagne.


A 22 km loop between the Valley of La Brévine and Les Bayards.

Similar to a slalom course through a pine tree labyrinth, the Mille Sapins piste is good fun and very...

Nordic trail a stone's throw from La Chaux-de-Fonds : a treat not to be missed!

Discover the Franches-Montagnes on a varied and easily accessible run.

Explore the region around Magglingen on cross-country skis.

The cross-country skiing area of Les Prés-d'Orvin, only 15 minutes from Bienne, offers 45 km of marked trails in an unspoilt natural setting and with magnificent views.

A superb loop in an area that often has very good snow. The piste weaves through the pastured woodland,...

A circular and very varied trail with some magnificent vantage points for the experienced cross-country skier.

A pretty trail on the Mont-Racine plateau, with fantastic views as a bonus.

The "Grande Boucle" is an exceptional cross-country skiing loop for those who want to tour the Franches-Montagnes....

Winter Activities

From 24 December. Go on an adventure for an original treasure hunt! Then enjoy a delicious Torino chocolate fondue.

Im Tannenwald der Freiberge, in Le Pré-Petitjean

The route leads through the forests of Magglingen to the Hohmatt mountain inn.