Location & access

Located in north-west Switzerland, the Jura & Three-Lakes region occupies a large portion of the territory, divided between the relief of the Jura mountain range and the Three-Lakes plateau, at the foot of the range.

Situated on the border with France, its notable ports of entry are Basel, to the north-east, which opens onto the canton of Jura; Lake Geneva, to the south west, which is an extension of the Three-Lakes plateau; and Bern to the east.

By rail
The country's three main airports (Genève, Zurich and Basel) offer easy access to the Jura & Three-Lakes region thanks to the ICN high-speed trains circumventing the lakes (stops in Yverdon-les-Bains, Neuchâtel and Biel/Bienne) and operating in the direction of the Jura (stop in Delémont). The regional lines offer connecting trains throughout the entire area.

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By road
The Jura & Three-Lakes region can be accessed via the A1 (St-Gall-Geneva), the A5 from Soleure-Yverdon) and A16 (Transjurane, Delle-Biel/Bienne) highways.

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