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With the crags of the Jura mountain range or the gentle slopes leading down to the lakes, the Jura & Three-Lakes region has contrasting scenery suitable either for a Sunday stroll or a serious hike lasting several days.

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Lower and more accessible, the Jura mountain range is sometimes called the “alternative to the Alps”. It certainly has a character all of its own and unlike any other. Its typical scenery is a treat for hikers and nature lovers. Its peaks, which stretch from Zurich to Basel along the frontier between France and Switzerland, provide exceptional views over the lakes, the Alps, the Swiss plateau to the south and the French plateau to the north.
The Chemin des Crêtes is made up of 15 stages across Switzerland. The route crosses forests and meadows and leads the walker to the iconic summits of the Weissenstein and the Chasseral before passing the foot of the Creux du Van and rejoining the slopes of the Nord Vaudois region. Along the way hikers can stop in the famous farm restaurants which are typical of the Jura region to eat, quench their thirst or even sleep.
Also well sign-posted, the many gorges which have been slowly excavated by time in the Jura mountain range will cool walkers during the heat of summer.
The lake shores are also popular places to visit. The Réserve de la Grande Cariçaie is located on the southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel and can be easily visited thanks to its network of boardwalks. This specially protected area is Switzerland’s largest lake-side reserve and a paradise for nature lovers and bird-watchers.
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Hiking | Sonceboz - Biel

Hiking | Delémont - Moutier

Hiking | Laufen - Delémont

Hiking | Sornetan - Sonceboz

Hiking | Moutier - Sornetan

Trans Swiss Trail

Hiking | St-Ursanne - Soubey

Hiking | Soubey - Saignelégier

Hiking | St-Imier - Chézard-St-Martin

Hiking | Porrentruy - St-Ursanne

Hiking | Chézard-St-Martin - Neuchâtel

Hiking | Murten - Laupen

Hiking | Saignelégier - St-Imier

Hiking | Neuchâtel - Murten

Family walks in the Jura chain

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