The Grande Cariçaie nature reserve

Grande Cariçaie
Grande Cariçaie. ©
The Grande Cariçaie
The Grande Cariçaie. © Benoît Renevey
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Running along the south shoreline of Lake Neuchâtel, the Grande Cariçaie is the biggest lakeside nature reserve in Switzerland. With wetlands, shallows and woodland areas, it’s a paradise of ecotourism for nature-lovers.

A protected site of international importance, the Grande Cariçaie is home to approximately 800 plant species and 10,000 animal species. Covering nearly 3000 hectares, the Grande Cariçaie is an internationally recognised exceptional natural area. It is home to 8 nature reserves, most of which are accessible by foot or bicycle.

This stretch of marshland begins at Yverdon-les-Bains and extends as far as Cudrefin. A few minutes from the town via the local train service, the Champ-Pittet Pro Natura Centre, housed in an 18th century historical mansion, offers exhibitions, guided tours and kids’ activities, along with a restaurant serving regional and seasonal food.

The Centre-Nature La Sauge in Cudrefin features a temporary exhibition and a 500-metre outdoor trail with four observatories for observing wildlife without disturbing it.

Nature hikes and bike trails are both ways to discover the Grande Cariçaie at your own pace while respecting the natural environment. Follow the boardwalk into the very heart of the reserve, where North-South migrating birds can be found nesting.

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The Grande Cariçaie nature reserve
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