Culture & museums

The towns and cities of the area boast a rich cultural heritage and countless architectural treasures – some of which can be discovered by means of a guided tour. The rich and diverse cultural scene includes museums, exhibitions, UNESCO World Heritage sites, festivals, and much more.


Swiss Fruits and Distillery Museum

Printmakinf, photography, installation, painting: exhibitions demultiplying points of view.

Les mammifères et oiseaux de Suisse dans leur milieu et des expositions temporaires originales.

Un cadre somptueux et une mise en scène exceptionnelle pour un plongeon dans un passé lointain.

A short tour of Neuchâtel history, numismatics and arts.

A journey to the centre of the earth to see how the miners of yesteryear worked.

Le centre biennois qui regroupe art contemporain, photographie et cinéma.

A fantastic multimedia space dedicated to the Watchmaking town planning.

Immerse yourself in the colourful and playful world of the Swatch brand, whose museum is located on the second floor of the new Cité du Temps.

Housed in the Cité du Temps building, the OMEGA museum invites visitors to discover the highlights of the famous brand, using a wide range of interactive experiences.

De riches collections hautes en couleur pour partir à la rencontre de... l'Homme !

The biggest museum specialised in clock-making in the world: 4,000 exhibits to see!

Plongée dans plus de 800 ans de savoir-faire et de goût avec la découverte de l'histoire du célèbre fromage Tête de Moine.

Cité du Temps - French for the City of Time - is nestled in the heart of Biel, the world's watchmaking capital.

La Chocolaterie à croquer ! vous emmène dans un voyage de saveurs et de découvertes dont vous êtes vous-même l’acteur.

A listed historical monument, this museum houses an impressive collection of art.

Discover the rich heritage of this mythic beverage.

A front door to the Jura and to the history of an entire region.

Les secrets du temps nichés dans un lieu magique, le Château des Monts

A foundation for the nature heritage of the Jura.

De la Ferme à la Fromagerie

Discover the pictorial and literary art of Dürrenmatt in a beautiful setting.

A mythical descent 23 m underground to discover a unique industrial heritage.

The museum of art and history in Biel/Bienne has quite a mixture, but also captivating.

Guided tours

The biggest wind power plant in Switzerland; well worth a visit.

Guided visit of astronomical observatory and solar or wind power plants.

Discover the early years of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (better known as Le Corbusier) in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The crematorium, stained-glass windows and staircases are to be discovered.

Explore the magical atmosphere of the his torical old town, and discover Biel’s history and the most important places to visit.

A city built by and for the watchmaking industry, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

During this tour you gain insight into urban living, the economy and the combination of city and nature in Biel.

Relive the Belle Époque in Neuchâtel during a guided tour and enjoy some unique experiences!

Discover the lovely peninsula of St. Peter's Island in Lake Biel. Visit a late medieval monastery or the remains of prehistoric settlements and Roman buildings.

This medieval town by the Doubs is a treasure of the Jura just waiting to be discovered.

Can you catch the murderer?

Discover chamois and wild marmots at the Chasseral with a guide.

Tour of the old town of Delémont dedicated to the history of sovereignty of Switzerland’s youngest canton, including a visit to the Musée d’art et d’histoire.

Find out about the working lives of the region's men and women in times gone by.

During this tour you will learn about the arrival of the first watchmakers, the development of this industry and its growth in status.


Explore the world of watchmaking with an expert watchmaker.

Enjoy the unique experience of a visit of a genuine, world-renowned Swiss watchmaking manufacture.

Discover the unique watchmaking heritage of the Franches Montagnes.

The "Garde Temps" invites you to put yourself in a real watchmaker's shoes.

An exclusive and unique experience at the high-class watchmaker Corum.

Bring a watch to life in a workshop in Le Locle.

Build your own watch, a unique experience.

Build one's own watch with the help of a watchmaker.

Step in the shoes of a watchmaker and discover the fascinating world of Swiss mechanical watchmaking in a unique way!

Cultural heritage

A small architectural gem at the heart of a watchmakers’ village.

Relive the Belle Epoque in Neuchâtel and enjoy some unique experiences : scavenger hunt "Les Chenapans" and guided city tours

An iconic architectural ensemble of the city of Neuchâtel.

Discover and visit one of the last absinthe drying shed in the Val-de-Travers.

Take a scenic walk among sculptures and nature.

Theaters & Cinemas

An Italian-style theatre of national importance.

The cultural hotspot of Neuchâtel offers a rich and varied programme

Biel Solothurn Theatre and Orchestra (TOBS) is a theatre and orchestra company producing opera, plays and concerts in the cities of Biel and Solothurn.

UNESCO World Heritage

Discover a fascinating world to the rythm of a watch.

Prehistoric pile-dwelling sites featured on UNESCO's World Heritage List.