Neuchâtel Tourism, located at the junction of the Three-Lakes-Region and Jura (Switzerland), invites you to discover this wonderful canton, a paradise for hiking, relaxing, ideal for romantic getaways or family vacation.

The Neuchâtel region is beautiful... and what's more, thanks to the Neuchâtel Tourist Card, transport and leisure activities are free of charge starting from the first overnight stay.

Relive the Belle Epoque in Neuchâtel and enjoy some unique experiences: urban escape game, scavenger hunt and guided city tours

Dedicated to watchmaking and a global ambassador of this fascinating expertise, the region of Neuchatel is a remarkable distillation of Swiss ingenuity.


The Musical Gardens Festival, the Ersatz Festival and the Festi'Valderuz will enliven the Neuchâtel region over the next few days!

Trail down the side of the Chaumont, marked with wood sculptures.

Guided tours of La Chaux-de-Fonds & Le Locle

Family, Neuchâtel

Take a ride on the majestic Ferris wheel at Jeunes Rives and enjoy breathtaking views and unforgettable moments!

Entertainment, Pays de Neuchâtel

Come and celebrate Switzerland's bank holidays in a unique festive atmosphere, with spectacular fireworks and a total immersion in Swiss traditions.

Fun & Adventure, Saut-du-Doubs

Follow in the footsteps of the smugglers of yesteryear on a treasure hunt that will give you a new perspective on the Saut du Doubs.

The Neuchâtel 2024 summit of Action 26 Summits is La Robella

Art, Exhibition, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Over fifteen years, Ana Mendieta, a Cuban artist in US exile, made a profound impact on contemporary art by blending her body with nature.

Festivity, Festival, La Chaux-de-Fonds

The Amuse-Bar moves to the Parc des Crêtets to create a lively terrace with concerts, games, food-trucks and a variety of drinks.

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Book your escape game and discover the city of Neuchâtel in a new way.

From CHF 9.- Urban visits, Neuchâtel

Take the little train through the historical streets of this lakeside city.

From CHF 10.- Urban visits, Neuchâtel

Discover the Belle Epoque in the city of Neuchâtel!

From CHF 55.- Food & Drinks, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Real culinary experiences off the beaten path.

From CHF 10.- Urban visits, Neuchâtel

Book your tickets for an exciting family scavenger hunt! Grab the kids by the hand and follow the clues around the old town of Neuchâtel.

From CHF 37.- Food & Drinks, Neuchâtel

Taste the local specialities aboard a vessel of the LNM shipping company and take in the views of the lovely landscapes around Lake Neuchâtel.

From CHF 9.- Urban visits, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Discover the symbiosis between town planning and clock-making, while sitting comfortably.

From CHF 9.- Sport & Leisure, Les Brenets

An amazing setting and a fantastic drop from a height of 27 metres.

From CHF 10.- Culture & Museums, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Scavenger hunt in the watchmakers’ town and its museums.

From CHF 9.- Urban visits, Le Locle

Sit down and let yourself be seduced by the watchmaking city

Are you ready to experience excitement and take on new challenges? Put on your walking shoes, get on your bike, and take part in water sports and a whole range of fun leisure activities!

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The Neuchâtel region is beautiful... and moreover, thanks to the Neuchâtel Tourist Card, transport and leisure activities are free of charge starting from the 1st night.

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City breaks
Town, La Chaux-de-Fonds

The capital of the watchmaking industry and the birthplace of Le Corbusier.

Town, Neuchâtel

Immerse yourself in the history of a rich thousand years old city.

Town, Le Locle

This centre of the watchmaking industry lies in the heart of the Montagnes neuchâteloises range.

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