Suggestions for outdoor activities to enjoy these beautiful colours.

Even if the weather is uncooperative, there is always something to do or discover.

Unique in Switzerland! 1 night = visit Pays de Neuchâtel free of charge (including museums and public transport)!

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Neuchâtel Tourist Card

Cultural Heritage

Neuchâtel Belle époque

Relive the Belle Époque in Neuchâtel and enjoy some unique experiences!

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Neuchâtel à la Belle époque

Dedicated to watchmaking and a global ambassador of this fascinating expertise, the region of Neuchatel is a remarkable distillation of Swiss ingenuity.

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Le Centre Horloger

Weekend tips

Museum | An original museum, exhibiting a private collection of cars dating from 1950 to 1979.

Art, Exhibition | Friedrich Dürrenmatt, a writer, a painter and ... a fine gourmet.

Museum | A mythical descent 23 m underground to discover a unique industrial heritage.

Museum | Explore the environment of La Chaux-de-Fonds residents of yesterday in a 19th century villa.

Museum | A beautiful setting and exceptional displays immersing you in a distant past.

Museum | A journey to the centre of the earth to see how the miners of yesteryear worked.

Fun & Adventure | Scavenger hunt in the watchmakers’ town and its museums .

Natural wonders

Natural sites | Venture out into the valley which has beaten the historic record of cold temperatures in Switzerland: - 41.8°C!

Natural sites | A stunningly beautiful rocky cirque; a work of nature not to be missed!

Natural sites | Unspoilt nature, a fjord-like river, the highest waterfall in the Jura Mountains.

City breaks

Town | Immerse yourself in the history of a rich thousand years old city.

Town | This centre of the watchmaking industry lies in the heart of the Montagnes neuchâteloises range.

Town | The capital of the watchmaking industry and the birthplace of Le Corbusier.

Hiking or cycling

Hiking, Chasseral - Chaumont

Hiking, Noiraigue - Noiraigue

Hiking, La Brévine - Les Verrières

Hiking, La Sagne - La Sagne

Hiking, Vue des Alpes - Noiraigue

Hiking, Noiraigue - Boudry

Cycling, Cernier - Cernier

Hiking, Chaumont - Cressier

Special Offers

Combined offer | Unique in Switzerland! 1 night = visit Pays de Neuchâtel free of charge (including museums and public transport)!

Combined offer | Slip into the skin of a watchmaker in this introductory workshop.

Combined offer | Discover the watchmaking towns which are part of UNESCO world heritage!


International Puppet Festival

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Object sometimes unidentified, the puppet is rich in a thousand and one techniques.

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