The Canton of Jura welcomes you in unspoilt natural surroundings. Click on the image and discover today what makes this region so unique !


Special offers - Winter

Combined offer | Stay here and benefit from the snowshoes provided, at a cost from CHF 130 for two people per night.

Combined offer | Discover the Jura cross-country skiing trails while resting in a cosy nest in the heart of the Franches-Montagnes. Stay with cross-country ski hire from 110 CHF.

Combined offer | 2-night family stay in the Franches Montagnes with access to public transport and snowshoe rental possibility from CHF 330.

Combined offer | 2-night stay in Saignelégier with snowshoe rental, from 220 CHF for 2 persons

Combined offer | A stay combining relaxation and cross-country skiing for 1 night from 160 CHF for 2 people.

Combined offer | Enjoy a stay at Ferme O'Clés with snowshoes at your disposal, from 120 CHF for 2 people.

Combined offer | Throughout the winter, the Franches-Montagnes riding stable offers you a combination of horseback riding and accommodation every weekend.

Combined offer | Free snowshoes loan from 1 night's stay at the Cerneux-au-Maire bed and breakfast in the heart of the snowy Franches-Montagnes.

Combined offer | 2 overnights in a flat near the Doubs and accompanied hike: CHF 390 for 2 persons

Combined offer | Enjoy a cosy winter stay at the Bnb LaFleur in Montfaucon, including snowshoe rental from 105 CHF.

Winter hikes

Winter Hiking | This hike from Saignelégier leads you to Le Noirmont through the typical scenery of the Jura. The route...

Winter Hiking | This winter hike connecting Le Noirmont railway station to Creux-des-Biches railway station is an idyllic...

Winter Activity | Prepared winter hiking trails are available in the Franches-Montagnes region. Totalling about 15km, they are intended exclusively for hikers.

Winter Hiking | This sunny and relatively flat loop through the snowy pasturelands leads you from the charming village...


Snowshoe tours

Snowshoes | A magnificent path through the Franches-Montagnes between the villages of Le Noirmont and Les Bois. It’s...

Snowshoes | Nice hike through pine forests and vast stretches of land in the Franches-Montagnes.

Snowshoes | Starting from the REKA holiday village, a short tour ideal for families.

Snowshoes | On a tour “by night” you pass through some magnificent snowy landscapes and a typical hamlet.

Snowshoes | The pastured woodland of Les Breuleux is one of the most beautiful sites in the Franches-Montagnes. Vast...

Snowshoes | La randonnée en raquette plonge presque immédiatement dans le décor enchanteur des Franches-Montagnes....

Cross-country ski tracks

Cross-country skiing | A superb loop in an area that often has very good snow. The piste weaves through the pastured woodland,...

Cross-country skiing | Discover the Franches-Montagnes on a varied and easily accessible run.

Cross-country skiing | An athletic route running to Les Bois.

Cross-country skiing | Similar to a slalom course through a pine tree labyrinth, the Mille Sapins piste is good fun and very...

Cross-country skiing | A small family loop from the village to the ski lift.

Cross-country skiing | Across the Franches Montagnes from Montfaucon to La Ferrière, easily accessible.

Cross-country skiing | The "Grande Boucle" is an exceptional cross-country skiing loop for those who want to tour the Franches-Montagnes....

At an altitude of 1,000m, the Franches-Montagnes form a plateau of unspoilt landscapes. Characterised by open pastures and pine forests, it's a paradise for nature lovers

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Horses in the fields, Franches-Montagnes

City breaks

Town | Porrentruy, a former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Basel, is known for its imposing castle and the Réfous Tower, a massive old watchtower overlooking the old town.

Town | Delémont, capital of the Canton of Jura, is a city surrounded by nature. The old town with its vibrant shops and restaurants invites you to take a stroll and relax.

Town | Nestled in an unspoilt natural setting on the banks of the Doubs river, the small medieval town of Saint-Ursanne has preserved its treasures.

Rainy weather activities

Combined offer


Get free public transport and benefit from numerous discounts on activities during your stay in the Jura region!

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Chemins de fer du Jura

Video by Kevin Clerc, from the blog Face du Monde.


Some suggestions of restaurants that offer fondue.

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