Lake Biel is nestled between vineyards and the green expanses of the Seeland. Its charms include the largest bilingual town in Switzerland, lovely winegrowing villages and St. Peter’s Island, which captured the imagination of the well-known philosopher J-J Rousseau.

Bicycling at lake Biel

Until 19 April, all restaurants in the Biel Seeland region will remain closed due to the current situation. However, many of the restaurants will continue to spoil you and offer your favourite dishes as take-away or deliver them directly to your home.

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The most beautiful hikes in the Biel Seeland region

Hiking | Far-reaching views over the Three-Lakes region.

Hiking | Biel/Bienne - La Neuveville

Hiking | Gampelen - St. Petersinsel

Hiking | Biel/Bienne - Frinvillier

Hiking | Aarberg - Büren an der Aare

Hiking | Ins - Ins

Even during this difficult situation, some accommodations stay open. Here you can find a list of the open accommodations in the region of Biel Seeland.

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Natural sites

Lake Biel

Lake Biel is situated at the German and French language border, and it is the eight-largest lake of Switzerland.

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Kayak on lake Biel

Biel/Bienne is Switzerland’s largest bilingual town. German and French have equal rights here. This town is also the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.

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