Ideas for an active short winter break around Biel.

So that you can also enjoy the famous treber sausage this year, the winemakers at lake Biel offer special Treberwurst boxes.

Many of the restaurants in the region continue to spoil you and offer your favourite dishes as take-away or deliver them directly to your home.

Energy oases

Cultural Heritage | This archaeological site can be found on the hill called Jensberg in the municipality of Studen.

Natural sites | Legends have grown up around the multi-level waterfalls above Neuenstadt, and these are partly based on actual witch trials.

Cultural Heritage | Chilchmatt in Oberbüren has been settled since the Bronze Age and was a significant pilgrimage site in the late Middle Ages.

Natural sites | Bowl stones on "Drachenlinie". The very name of this oasis of energy indicates that mystical events have taken place here.

Natural sites | They may lie there peacefully today but they have moved the emotions of people for centuries or even millennia. They are known as bowl stones.

Natural sites | The best way of allowing your thoughts to roam and wander is to cast a glance at the horizon and feel momentarily released from the earth.

Natural sites | This is certainly one of the most notable places of worship in Seeland.

Natural sites | The wild and romantic scenery makes the only gorge in Europe located in the immediate vicinity of a town a unique destination for an excursion.

Natural sites | This is the ideal place to engage with nature and restore your energy, just as our ancestors did.

Natural sites | Besides attracting birds and small animals, the Gummenseeli in Burgerwald, east of Aarberg, is an ideal place to recuperate.


Famous for its charming alleys, beautiful facades and venerable corporate houses, the old town is a privileged place in the heart of the city of Biel.

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Biel's old town

Combined offer


In the heart of Biel’s old town: discover local products.

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Winter Activity

Winter canoeing

A winter activity of a special kind.

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Canoeing on lake Biel in Wwinter