Finally, the terraces are open again! Enjoy a cup of coffee or let yourself be spoiled with culinary delights, the hosts are looking forward to welcoming you

A boat trip to St. Peter's Island awakens spring fever!

The museums are finally open again! Discover exciting special and permanent exhibitions in the region's museums

Unique packages

Combined offer | Relax at lake Biel.

Combined offer | Choc'o'Clock invites you to explore the fascinating worlds of watches and chocolate.

Combined offer | Overnight stay in the heart of Biel including the rental of an e-bike for one day.

Combined offer | Escape from everyday life and enjoy La Dolce Vita on Lake Biel.


Famous for its charming alleys, beautiful facades and venerable corporate houses, the old town is a privileged place in the heart of the city of Biel.

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Biel's old town

Energy oases

Natural sites | They may lie there peacefully today but they have moved the emotions of people for centuries or even millennia. They are known as bowl stones.

Cultural Heritage | Chilchmatt in Oberbüren has been settled since the Bronze Age and was a significant pilgrimage site in the late Middle Ages.

Natural sites | Legends have grown up around the multi-level waterfalls above Neuenstadt, and these are partly based on actual witch trials.

Natural sites | This is the ideal place to engage with nature and restore your energy, just as our ancestors did.

Natural sites | Besides attracting birds and small animals, the Gummenseeli in Burgerwald, east of Aarberg, is an ideal place to recuperate.

Natural sites | The best way of allowing your thoughts to roam and wander is to cast a glance at the horizon and feel momentarily released from the earth.

Cultural Heritage | This archaeological site can be found on the hill called Jensberg in the municipality of Studen.

Natural sites | This is certainly one of the most notable places of worship in Seeland.

Natural sites | Bowl stones on "Drachenlinie". The very name of this oasis of energy indicates that mystical events have taken place here.

Natural sites | The wild and romantic scenery makes the only gorge in Europe located in the immediate vicinity of a town a unique destination for an excursion.


Natural sites

Lake Biel

Lake Biel is situated at the German and French language border, and it is the eight-largest lake of Switzerland.

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Ligerz | Gléresse

Guided city tours


Discover the diversity of the wines grown around lake Biel.

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Twann at lake Biel