Lake Biel is nestled between vineyards and the green expanses of the Seeland. Its charms include the largest bilingual town in Switzerland, lovely winegrowing villages and St. Peter’s Island, which captured the imagination of the well-known philosopher J-J Rousseau.

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The restaurants in the region look forward to pampering their guests.

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Klosterhotel St-Petersinsel

Famous for its charming alleys, beautiful facades and venerable corporate houses, the old town is a privileged place in the heart of the city of Biel.

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Biel's old town

The most beautiful hikes in the Biel Seeland region

Hiking | Biel/Bienne - La Neuveville

Hiking | Biel/Bienne - Frinvillier

Hiking | Far-reaching views over the Three-Lakes region.

Hiking | Ins - Ins

Hiking | Gampelen - St. Petersinsel

Hiking | Aarberg - Büren an der Aare

Guided city tours


Discover the diversity of the wines grown around lake Biel.

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Twann at lake Biel


Let's go for a bike ride!

Cycling | Biel/Bienne - Biel/Bienne

Vélo, VTT | The Vegetable Path is a very safe and "bike only" path on which you can feast your eyes on the delicious...

Cycling | Biel (Nidau) - Solothurn

Cycling | The southern shore of Lake Biel leads to the famous St. Peter's Island via extensive reed beds.


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CHEZ Camille Bloch