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Creux du Van

A stunningly beautiful rocky cirque; a work of nature not to be missed!

Creux du Van
Creux du Van. © Matthias Taugwalder

Its steep rock walls with their horseshoe shape offer one of the most grandiose panoramas in Switzerland. Chamois and ibex sighting included!

As far as the eye can reach 
The gigantic rock arena with a diameter of more than a kilometre was formed in the course of millions of years by water and ice erosion. Impressive vertical cliffs of more than 160 m height surround a deep valley. This absolutely spectacular site boasts a splendid 360° panorama over the nearby lakes, the Alps, the Jura valleys, and further on to France. 
A nature paradise 
The sheer magic of the place is also due to its varied flora and exceptional fauna: ibex, chamois, lynx and marmot feel at home here, and you will almost certainly come across one or the other of these wild animals in the surroundings of the canyon.

Hike the 14 bends 
14 km, 14 hairpin bends, and some ascents and descents which require a bit of stamina, but it is more than worth it: at the top, the majestic rock arena rewards the hikers with its spectacular scenery. 

Visit the farm restaurants 
The typical regional métairies are farm restaurants which offer local specialities in an authentic environment. Here you can taste typical dishes such as rösti, fondue, mushroom toast, cold cuts and sausages as well as cheeses. A special experience which is not to be missed!

Access and parking at Creux du Van

Good to know
Good to know

Due to the presence of suckler cows on the pastures on the edge of the Creux du Van / Le Soliat, it is strongly advised not to come with your dog. Livestock can be very aggressive towards walkers accompanied by a dog and safety cannot be guaranteed. The farmers are not responsible for any liability in the event of non-compliance with this preventive measure.

Hiking or biking

Fourteen 180-degree bends take you up to seventh heaven!

Wide or narrow, bubbling or calm: meet the Areuse.

A breathtakingly beautiful cirque created from water and ice erosion.

One of the main highlights of the Jura region is the natural rock cirque Creux du Van, the largest nature...

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