The Lake Biel winegrowing area

There are a plenty of discoveries to make along the shores of Lake Biel, and the variety of wines cultivated on the steep sunny slopes of the Jura is fascinating.

Grape gathering, lake Biel
Grape gathering, lake Biel. © Tourismus Biel Seeland | Stefan Weber

Around 60 winegrowers cultivate an area of 220 hectares of vines on Lake Biel. The soils on the dry, stony south-east slope of Lake Biel are barren and very chalky, and they produce wines of great character. Molasse soils prevail in the area around Erlach and on St. Peter’s Island. The vines benefit from the heat storage effect of the lake and from the microclimatic advantages of the terracing.

A total of over 70 grape varieties have found a home on Lake Biel, which is traditionally a white wine region. The typical limestone soil is ideal for Chasselas and Burgundy Chardonnay varieties as well as the Pinot family (Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc). Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and many other specialties also find the conditions here ideal.

Malbec, Diolinoir and St. Laurent, which are often aged in oak barrels, are also becoming established among the red varieties in addition to Pinot Noir. These specialties are often only available in small quantities.

Vintage festivals
Festivity, Festival, Twann

The "Trüelete" is the largest and best-known grape festival on Lake Biel. Held at the vintner's village of Twann.

Gastronomy, Tastings, Twann

A pleasant moment in the middle of the vineyards.


Vine Path
Biel/Bienne - La Neuveville

The northern shores of the Bielersee (Lake Biel) are cultivated to a high degree with vines. The hike...

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Wine producing villages
Town, Ligerz

With its church in the middle of the vineyard, Ligerz is the symbol of winegrowing at Lake Biel.

Town, Twann

Last but not least, Twann owes its name to the good wine that grows here in a sunny location.

Town, La Neuveville

With its towers, terraced houses, alleyways and impressive fountains, La Neuveville is a magnificent medieval town on the shores of Lake Biel.


Individuals, couples and groups have the possibility to taste, compare and discuss the regional wines and to pick out their favourites in a welcoming atmosphere.

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Activities in the vineyards
Regional products, Bielersee | Lac de Bienne

Enjoyed in winter, the Treber sausage is regarded as one of the specialties of Lake Biel.

Fun & Adventure, Ligerz

A relaxing way to discover this beautiful region.

Fun & Adventure, Ligerz

Discover picturesque villages and vineyards - from Ligerz to Prêles by vinifuni and enjoy the descent through vineyards on a scooter and finish with a wine tasting.

Museum, Ligerz

Today's visitors learn about growing wine where the masters of Ligerz once enjoyed the good life.