Natural sites

Vallée de La Brévine

Venture out into the valley which has beaten the historic record of cold temperatures in Switzerland: - 41.8°C!

Vallée de La Brévine in winter
Vallée de La Brévine in winter. © Vincent Bourrut
Often called Siberia of Switzerland for its extremely cold temperatures, the unspoilt nature sceneries in this beautiful valley will make you shiver!

Freezing temperatures unique in Switzerland 
-41.8°C: the valley holds the record for the lowest temperatures measured in all of Switzerland to this day. With its basin-shaped topography, the conditions are ideal for a polar climate in winter, especially when the skies are clear. A particular highlight is the festival Fête du Froid,which takes place every year in February.
Beautiful landscapes in summer and in winter 
Pine forests, moors, wide-stretching pastures, herds of cows and typical farms: the region can be enjoyed just as much in summer as in winter. The charming Les Taillères Lake with its deep blue water invites to linger and dream in summer, whereas in winter, it turns into a natural ice rink set against a sparkling, frosty backdrop.
Winter leisure activities 
These wild and immaculately white open spaces are ideally conquered on cross-country skis or snowshoes, good exercise to defy the icy temperatures. Refreshing experiences can also be had in summer by dipping into Les Taillères Lake or touring the valley by bike. Whichever activity you choose: breathtaking nature sceneries are guaranteed.
A warm welcome
After the effort some comfort: the locals know how to warm up their guests! There’s no way you can leave without having tasted the regional cheeses with their wildflower flavours, the gentian spirit produced right there, or the famous local absinthe. Regional dishes can also be enjoyed next to a roaring fire at the Auberge du Loup blanc or Chez Bichon, a cosy traditional restaurant in the heart of nature. 
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Lac des Taillères
Lac des Taillères. © Fabien Nissels
La Brévine
La Brévine. © Vincent Bourrut
raquettes à neige
raquettes à neige. © Guillaume Perret
Lac des Taillères, Vallée de La Brévine
Lac des Taillères, Vallée de La Brévine. © Vincent Bourrut
Ski de fond
Ski de fond. © Guillaume Perret
Lac des Taillères, Vallée de La Brévine
Lac des Taillères, Vallée de La Brévine. © Vincent Bourrut

Natural sites

Lac des Taillères

Near La Brévine, at an altitude of 1039m, an out-of-this-world lake landscape.

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Lac des Taillères, Vallée de La Brévine


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