Exploring the Neuchâtel region

Are you ready to experience excitement and take on new challenges? Put on your walking shoes, get on your bike, and take part in water sports and a whole range of fun leisure activities! Not forgetting snow sports too, once winter is here...

A beautiful viewpoint of the Neuchâtel mountains.

Walk commemorating the Neuchatel Revolution of 1st March 1848.

Follow the course of the Doubs and its contrasting landscapes.

In the middle of the mysterious land of absinthe, the magnificent waterfall of Môtiers and the beautiful forest hike in the Poëta-Raisse gorge.

A breathtakingly beautiful cirque created from water and ice erosion.


A walk through mountain pastures from the magnificent viewpoint at Chaumont to Enges.

A stroll among a hundred statues sculpted in wood.

Wide or narrow, bubbling or calm: meet the Areuse.

Mediaeval path traced by the Môtiers monks visiting the Montebenoît canons.

To enjoy the fresh clean air as while strolling around Lake Neuchâtel.

Cycling itineraries

The valley of La Brévine, renowned for its polar chill, is one of the most attractive for cyclists.

An athletic route with varied landscapes in absinthe country.


La Chaux-de-Fonds–Fleurier



Across the fields - the best way to discover Val-de-Ruz.

A blend of nature and culture for cycle enthusiasts.

A very nice, pleasant route along the shores of Lake Neuchâtel offering numerous opportunities to go for a swim in the lake.

A journey across four cantonal borders.

108 km of lake shore - take your own time!

A trip through nature around Switzerland's highest town.

Mountain bike trails
Mountain Bike

A circuit at the edge of the forest with a superb view of the Val-de-Ruz.

Mountain Bike

An expert level freeride track, between Chaumont and Neuchâtel.

Through the beautiful pastures of the Vallée de La Sagne.

Mountain Bike

This section is full of contrasts. Past unspoilt moors and over the lush green meadows of the Franches...

Mountain Bike

Off-road trail in the heart of the valley of La Brévine.

Mountain Bike

On the route leading to Couvet, water is the recurring element. First the cool and thunderous Saut du...

Mountain Bike

Magnificent sportive trail with breathtaking views of the Doubs.

Mountain Bike

Ascent to Chaumont with a great panoramic view of the Three Lakes region.

Mountain Bike

A magnificent 195 km trail divided into four parts.

Mountain Bike

The Val-de-Travers, all the way through.

Horse riding activities

Go for a walk accompanied by donkeys.

Riding, Travers

An idyllic ranch in the midst of nature offering horseback rides and hikes in the surroundings of the Val-de-Travers

Riding, La Sagne

Horse rides and equestrian holidays in the Neuchatel mountains

Riding, Pays de Neuchâtel

Discover the canton of Neuchâtel on your horse on one of the various stretches proposed here.

Riding, Chaumont

Safe horse-riding in the luscious green landscape of the Neuchâtel hills.

Water sports activities
Water activity, Neuchâtel

Lakeside swimming pool, with inside and outdoor pools.

Water activity, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Nestled among the larches, an outdoor pool to delight kids and adults.

Water activity, Marin-Epagnier

Discover the lake shores on board your own watercraft.

Water activity, Le Locle

An idyllic setting in the heart of nature and a perfect place for relaxation and leisure.

Water activity, Saint-Blaise

Come and try out this great water sport!

Water activity, Neuchâtel

Waterskiing? Wakebaording? Why not give it a try in an idyllic location.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

Relaxed or serious surfing on a stand up paddleboard on the lake of Neuchâtel.

Water activity, Le Landeron

Fun, relaxation and entertainment at the swimming pool from Le Landeron.

Water activity, Engollon

A swimming pool in the middle of the countryside which will please young and old!

Water activity, Boveresse

In the middle of the Val-de-Travers, the swimming pool "des Combes" offers you relaxation and fun!

Fun & Adventure, Buttes

Speed through the Robella pastures and trails with all-terrain scooters.

This short route passes through woodlands close to the lake and past the vineyards.

Fun & Adventure, Pays de Neuchâtel

From the Chasseral, an unforgettable moment in the air

Fun & Adventure, Buttes

BMX enthusiasts? Jump on your bike and come practice on the pumptrack from La Robella!

Fun & Adventure, Noiraigue

Guaranteed excitement on this climb overlooking the village of Noiraigue.

Fun & Adventure, Buttes

A thrill ride on snow with a scooter with extra wide tyres.

Various sports, Pays de Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel mountain-pass challenge!

Various sports, Neuchâtel

Grab the holds and climb up, with a hint of adrenaline!

Fun & Adventure, Pays de Neuchâtel

Three enthusiasts offer two-seater paragliding flights and quality training.

Fun & Adventure, Neuchâtel

Enjoy the great outdoors with this fun and family-friendly form of golf.

Wellness, Hauterive (NE)

Escape the winter chill by snuggling up in the seasonal sauna at Hauterive beach.

Wellness, Neuchâtel

A wellness haven of peace and relaxation.

Un espace sauna hivernal sur la Plage de Boudry.

Wellness, La Chaux-de-Fonds

You never feel as weightless as when you’re in the water.

Wellness, Neuchâtel

Seasonal sauna on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel.

Massages, sauna, hammam or cold bath: come and recharge your batteries in the heart of the Val-de-Travers.

Ski resorts
Ski & Snowboard, Buttes

Experience the wonderland of winter on the pistes of Val-de-Travers – accessible to everyone.

Ski & Snowboard, La Sagne

A small family ski resort perfect for your first downhill experience!

Ski & Snowboard, La Côte-aux-Fées

A mini resort with an enchanting name welcomes you to an absolutely magical landscape!

Ski & Snowboard, Le Locle

A ski lift known to insiders near the town of Le Locle.

Ski & Snowboard, La Vue des Alpes

Between Vue des Alpes and Tête de Ran

Ski & Snowboard, La Brévine

To experience the joys of winter sports in the Siberia of Switzerland.

Ski & Snowboard, Les Bugnenets / Savagnières

The resort where champion Didier Cuche started his career. Train there to go for gold!

Ski & Snowboard, Le Pâquier

Ten kilometres of slopes to enjoy without moderation!

Ski & Snowboard, Brot-Plamboz

300 meters of ski slopes in the heart of the wild valley des Ponts.

Ski & Snowboard, Les Verrières

On the edge of the Val-de-Travers, a pleasant slope to discover with the whole family.

Winter walking and snowshoeing

A mini tour on the edge of the watchmaking city.

A pleasant climb up to the viewpoint of the Chasseron.

Winter Hiking

Winter hike in the heart of a peat bog landscape.

Snowshoeing route to discover the Val-de-Travers.

A magical loop in the Valley of La Sagne

With snowshoes from watch town to watch town

A two-hour walk across the snow, by day or night.

Snowshoeing route around Le Locle.

Part of the UNESCO world heritage for its town planning, the town of Locle was built around the know-how...

A two-hour walk across the snow, by day or night.

Cross-country skiing itineraries
Cross-country skiing

Typical Nordic trail around the Bois-des-Lattes park.

Cross-country skiing

Locally, a "tour de Sagnard" is a walk that doesn't take the shortest route!

Cross-country skiing

A 22 km loop between the Valley of La Brévine and Les Bayards.

Cross-country skiing

A "glacial" 11 km trail in the Swiss Siberia.

Cross-country skiing

Nordic trail a stone's throw from La Chaux-de-Fonds : a treat not to be missed!

Cross-country skiing

A pretty trail on the Mont-Racine plateau, with fantastic views as a bonus.

Cross-country skiing

Fresh air therapy as you admire the magnificent landscapes of the Jura winter.

Cross-country skiing

The people of this region have cross-country skiing in their blood. They are used to extreme cold and...

Cross-country skiing

Fantastic trail criss-crossing the French-Swiss border, with its wild 1st section.

Cross-country skiing

The short version of the Franco-Swiss trail, ideal for border hopping.

Winter activities
Winter Activity, Neuchâtel

Two covered skating rinks on Lake Neuchâtel.

Winter Activity, Val-de-Travers (Couvet)

Put on your snowshoes and follow your guide as he takes you on a moonlit tour of the snow-covered Val-de-Travers!

Winter Activity, Lac des Taillères

To indulge in the joys of snow sports in a fairy-tale landscape

Winter Activity, Le Locle

Artificial ice rink with a view of the snow-covered landscape

Winter Activity, Les Ponts-de-Martel

Beautiful ice skating infrastructure near the peat bog

La Brévine - Follow the tracks to a hidden treasure in the midst of Winter and finish in style in a local restaurant.

Winter Activity, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Indoors or outdoors skating

La Tourne - Follow the tracks to a hidden treasure in the midst of Winter and finish in style in a local restaurant.

Winter Activity, Fleurier

Skate like the pros in the fully equipped centre

Winter Activity, Savagnier

The most charming outdoor skating rink