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Vallon de l'Ermitage

A true haven of serenity and unspoilt nature just 10 minutes from the town centre.

 Vallon de l'Ermitage
Vallon de l'Ermitage. © Switzerland Tourism Rob Lewis
Discover a vegetal world
A stroll through the Botanical Garden is a feast for the eyes: palm trees, multicoloured flowers, tall trees, vast green spaces and greenhouses with tropical plants. You can continue into the forest just above the Dürrenmatt Centre to discover the exceptional panoramic view of the town, the lake and the Alps from the Hermitage Rock. Just a few steps away, the Combacervey frog pond is ideal for a picnic break. Finally, as you continue along the path, you will discover the Abbey of Fontaine-André, founded in the 12th century.
Culture in the wilderness
It was in the vallon de l'Ermitage that Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990) found the peace and quiet he needed to complete his work. The Centre Dürrenmatt presents his paintings in relation with his literary work in a building designed by Mario Botta, built around the artist's house.
Tour idea
What if you arrived at the Vallon de l'Ermitage from Chaumont and the Path of Time? From the Neuchâtel train station, go to the funicular of La Coudre which will take you to Chaumont. After having taken advantage of the many possible activities, you leave by the Path of Time to reach the valley in an hour's walk, while discovering the main points of the evolution of life on earth, thanks to 17 sculptures.
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Trail down the side of the Chaumont, marked with wood sculptures.

Discover the pictorial and literary art of Dürrenmatt in a beautiful setting.

Museum, Neuchâtel

Nature in the city: these peaceful gardens are ideal for recharging your batteries... and learning!