Natural sites


Discover the cradle of Absinthe and its magnificent natural sites.

Val-de-Travers. © Guillaume Perret
The most fragrant and mysterious of the Neuchâtel valleys invites you to discover the enchantment of its stunningly beautiful natural sites. And don't forget to drink a toast with a glass of absinthe!

The Areuse Gorges
The quiet river that crosses the valley with such gentle charm becomes feistier once it is enclosed within a gorge. A superb spectacle: cool fresh air, foaming waters and lush greenery are your companions along this pleasant hiking trail.

Creux du Van
No doubt about it: THE must-see natural attraction in our region! This impressive rock arena is also a magnificent nature reserve that is home to chamois and ibex in particular.

Absinthe – the subtle fragrance of aniseed
Since the end of the 18th century, absinthe has been an integral feature of Val-de-Travers, where it originated. The profound influence of the Green Fairy is still present today in the valley, where you'll encounter a host of captivating characters, distilleries and other iconic sites closely linked to the mythical brew. Be sure to discover them all!

Into the bowels of the earth
This region's wealth even extends underground: for years, asphalt rock was mined at Travers for export throughout the world. Nowadays, this unusual tour plunges you into the bowels of the earth, so you can walk through the tunnels in the footsteps of the miners as you imagine the hard labour they performed. At the Café des Mines, be sure not to miss the local speciality: ham cooked in asphalt!

La Robella – the valley resort
In summer and winter alike, the Buttes-La Robella chairlift is the meeting point for devotees of active leisure pursuits: hiking, cross-country scooters, mountainbiking, mountain-boarding as well as downhill skiing, snowshoe trekking and tobogganing!

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On the trail of a legendary drink with a forbidden taste.

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Absinthe Val-de-Travers

Natural sites

Creux du Van

A stunningly beautiful rocky cirque; a work of nature not to be missed!

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Creux du Van


Museum | Discover the rich heritage of this mythic beverage.

Museum | A journey to the centre of the earth to see how the miners of yesteryear worked.

Museum | An original museum, exhibiting a private collection of cars dating from 1950 to 1979.

Cultural Heritage | Discover and visit one of the last absinthe drying shed in the Val-de-Travers.

Museum | An extraordinary collection of rare cars.

Museum | A tour through aboriginal Australia in an 18th century architectural jewel.

Museum | A presentation that will teach you about nature in the Neuchâtel region, in the heart of the Areuse Gorges.

Museum | This patrician mansion, rebuilt in the mid-18th century, takes its name from the sculpted masks (mascarons) that adorn the keystones above its windows.

Museum | A testimony of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s three years of exile in Môtiers.

Museum | Find out everything about the industrial past of the valley and its flagship brands: Mauler, Bourquin, Dubied.

Activities in Val-de-Travers

Regional products | Tasting room dedicated to chocolate in all its forms.

Mountain Bike | E-mountain bikes and e-bikes are available to explore the magnificent Jura landscapes.

Fun & Adventure | Who killed Mr. MacAdam?

Fun & Adventure | Speed through the Robella pastures and trails with all-terrain scooters.

Fun & Adventure | Guaranteed excitement on this climb overlooking the village of Noiraigue.

Ski & Snowboard | Experience the wonderland of winter on the pistes of Val-de-Travers – accessible to everyone.

Winter activities | Night walks with dinner at the Val-de-Travers.

Museum | Switzerland's largest collection of standard rail steam locomotives!

Summer Sports | And the ascent to the Creux du Van becomes child's play!

Water activity | In the middle of the Val-de-Travers, the swimming pool "des Combes" offers you relaxation and fun!

Hiking or cycling

Cycling | Noiraigue - Noiraigue

Hiking | Noiraigue - Boudry

Hiking | Môtiers - Môtiers

Hiking | Noiraigue - Noiraigue

Cycling | Fleurier - Neuchâtel

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