Our choice of "uplifting" excursions

to guarantee an unforgettable Ascension weekend

You'll see further if you climb

Fun & Adventure | Nine different trails amidst the trees for adventure seekers from 2 years of age!

Cultural Heritage | You'll be stunned by the majestic vista from this observatory tower, just a few minutes from Neuchâtel.

Bed & Breakfast | Out-of-the-way accommodation, located 4 m high in the trees between the woods and the meadows.... Ideal...

Vacation Apartments | Rooms-studios set high up in the trees between 5 and 8 meters from ground, with kitchnette and bathroom....

Cultural Heritage | The best way to understand the unique influence of watchmaking on urban development in La Chaux-de-Fonds: get a bird's-eye view!

Cultural Heritage | The vista you can admire from one of Neuchâtel's oldest structures is unique!

Rail | Put away your walking shoes, this funicular will get you to Chaumont in just a few minutes.

Cultural Heritage | Nature-lovers will find an ideal vantage point not far from Les Brenets.

Fun & Adventure | A journey through the trees in the Chaux-de-Fonds hills.

The higher you go, the more beautiful it gets!

Hiking | A sustained ascent towards Tête de Ran and Mont-Racine, along the Jura crests.

Hiking | A stroll among a hundred statues sculpted in wood.

Hiking | Climb up to one of the highest Jura summits through an enchanting valley.

Hiking | Fourteen 180-degree bends take you up to seventh heaven!