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The Jura & Three Lakes region is renowned for its local produce. The specific type of soil, the green, fertile valleys and gentle slopes leading down to the lakes lend the regionally grown products their identity.

Tête de Moine
Tête de Moine. © Guillaume Perret
In the Jura & Three-Lakes region, the word “terroir” takes on a real meaning. The uniqueness of its Jurassic soils, the lush pastures of its valleys and gentle slopes leading down to the lakes lend the products of the area their identity, enhanced by the presence of regional nature parks.
Tête de Moine AOP
Both the famous Tête de Moine AOP cheese and the absinth spirit have their origins in the Jura & Three Lakes region and are produced by dedicated local manufacturers to this day.  
The Tête de Moine AOP from the Bernese Jura is a cheese which is served in a specific form and has a figurative name. Do you know its origin? Visit the Maison de la Tête de Moine in Bellelay and learn all the interesting details about its history.  
Camille Bloch
Those who love sweets will want to make a detour to the visitors’ center CHEZ Camille Bloch, the chocolate manufacture which is home to famous brands such as Ragusa and Torino.
Notorious absinthe
The history and secrets of the notorious aperitif absinth, praised, ill-reputed, and prohibited in the past, are explained at the Maison de l’Absinthe in the Val-de-Travers valley. Curious visitors as well as passionate consumers will be able to taste it in one of the numerous distilleries.  

Audacious Damassine  
The Damassine AOP brandy, made from small prunes grown in the Jura, is well worth mentioning too. Its history is presented at the Swiss Fruits and Distillery Museum, ″Ô Vergers d’Ajoie″.  
Wines full of character
We should not forget the numerous vineyards which lend the Three Lakes region its unique identity. Besides the most important grape varieties of the region, Pinot Noir and Chasselas, there’s also a fruity rosé variety, the Œil de Perdrix, as well as the Non Filtré, a fresh, well-rounded white wine.  
These exceptional products abound in the entire region and continue to be produced with dedication and passion. Throughout the year, numerous events are held in their honour.  
You can find further information about regional products together with useful addresses for exploring the Jura & Three Lakes region in the brochure "Terroir à savourer":

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Ô Vergers d'Ajoie

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Tête de Moine

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Terroir à savourer

Event "Terroir"

Gastronomy, Tastings | A full-on chocolate happening that will delight all gourmets!

Festivity, Festival | A unique and authentic feast!

Congresses, Conferences, Courses, Seminars, Fairs | Do not miss out on the most important agricultural manifestation of the bernese Jura.

Gastronomy, Tastings | Competition including more than 1,000 products of different regions of Switzerland. Large market.

Festivity, Festival | A unique experience that embodies Neuchâtel's gastronomic traditions

Festivity, Festival | The traditional market of St. Martin is held in Porrentruy.

Gastronomy, Tastings | The Neuchâtel winemakers open their doors to the public!

Festivity, Festival | The distillers emerge from their cellars to display their expertise to the world. The "Green Fairy" is the guest of honour!

Festivity, Festival | The vineyards of Neuchâtel in honor! Marching bands and parades, a festival you should not miss!

Tradition, Market, Craft | The only "désalpe" in the Canton of Jura, a folk festival marking the end of the cattle's summer on the pastures.


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