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Les Brenets - Saut du Doubs

Unspoilt nature, a fjord-like river, the highest waterfall in the Jura Mountains, walking paths of poetic charm, an airborne footbridge which stretches from one side of the Doubs to the other eliminating the border.

Saut du Doubs
Saut du Doubs
Alternately lazy and impetuous, the river Doubs invites you on a trip rich in contrasts along the border of Switzerland and France. 

A tranquil cruise 
Starting out at the harbour of Les Brenets, you embark on a tranquil cruise on the lake formed by the Doubs, the Lac des Brenets. The slow river forms wide meanders and weaves peacefully through a magnificent landscape marked by abrupt cliffs and pine trees. An enchanting sight!

The highest waterfall in the Jura
Here, the Doubs shows quite another face, a much wilder one, as it continues on its path, roaring down an impressive waterfall of 27 m, the Saut du Doubs. A walkway takes you to the French side where you are able to enjoy a different view of the magnificent cascade and its gushing water. 

Hiking in an unspoilt nature scenery 
The Doubs waterfall can also be reached on foot from Les Brenets on a lovely hiking trail which follows the river. In the middle of unspoilt nature, pine and broadleaf forests mingle with steep rocky cliffs, offering some spectacularly beautiful views. An experience which is not to be missed, especially in autumn. 

On foot: from Les Brenets station, approximately 50 minutes
By boat: on a NLB boat on the lake des Brenets. Takes 20 minutes + 10 minutes on foot from the landing stage

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An amazing setting and a fantastic drop from a height of 27 metres.

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Close at hand

Cultural Heritage | Nature-lovers will find an ideal vantage point not far from Les Brenets.

Museum | Les secrets du temps nichés dans un lieu magique, le Château des Monts

Museum | A mythical descent 23 m underground to discover a unique industrial heritage.

Swiss park | The park stretches from Les Brenets to St-Ursanne, including the Franches-Montagnes.