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In summer, on the mountains or in the valleys, on foot or on two wheels, in the water, indoors or outdoors, in winter, for the young, for grown-ups, for fun, to give yourself a fright or for exercise, Jura & Three-Lakes has a whole host of activities for families.

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A walking or cycling paradise with many well-marked trails which criss-cross the region and offer a range of destinations for the whole family.
The trails on the slopes of the Jura mountain range lead walkers through forests of firs, across meadows or along rivers and gorges, very often with magnificent views. Study a gentian, make a shelter for yourself under a tree, watch chamois, then stop for a picnic in a forester’s hut; and when the evening comes, everyone will fall asleep with a smile on their face.
The shores of the Biel, Neuchâtel and Morat lakes are accessible to everyone, whether on foot or on a bike. You can ride round the lakes in several stages or you can also shorten the trip by taking one of the lake steamers (no charge for bikes on Neuchâtel and Morat lakes). You can find more information about these outings and suggestions for accommodation as well as activities specially for families below.
And if the weather is unsuitable for outdoor activities? No problem: take a trip to the old asphalt mines, learn how to make your own Torino, become a glass blower or a butterfly expert or let your hair down in a room full of trampolines!
Useful information 
If you have reserved accommodation for one night or more in the cantons of Jura and Neuchâtel public transport is free and many activities are either free of charge or available at concessionary prices.
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- Neuchâtel Tourist Card

Family hikes along the Jura chain

Gastfamilie auf dem Chemin de Bio.


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