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If you spend even just one night in the canton of Jura, you'll receive the JURA-PASS, a guest card that gives you free access to public transport and discounts on many activities in the region.

Chemins de fer du Jura
Chemins de fer du Jura. © Vincent Bourrut
Discover the Jura by public transport!

If you stay at least one night in an establishment within the Jura public transport tariff region, you will receive a free JURA-PASS. This tourist card entitles you to use the entire public transport network for the duration of your stay, making your visit to the canton of Jura even easier. The JURA-PASS also gives you special prices on a range of activities in the region.


The JURA-PASS entitles guests who stay at least one night at a hotel or similar guest accommodation facility in the canton of Jura to free transport on the entire public transport network within the Vagabond tariff association (canton of Jura, Moutier and Tramelan region) as well as on the Jura train from La Large-Journée to La Chaux-de-Fonds (public transport within the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds not included). Access to your digital Jura-Pass will be sent to you by e-mail 3 days before your arrival in case of an early booking, or at the latest when you check in at your accommodation. It is only available for adults and children who stay at a hotel or similar guest establishment within the Vagabond zone.  


The JURA-PASS gives you discounts on numerous activities taking place in the region. You will find all the current offers on our webapp. They are applicable upon presentation of a valid JURA-PASS. Plus, stay for 2 nights and get a voucher for a free trail ride on horseback. Click here for more information.

Good to know
  • The JURA-PASS is not available for owners of holiday apartments.
  • Pets or bikes are not included in the free transport.  
  • The JURA-PASS is not valid for special rides or flat-rate tariffs.

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