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    In Jura & Three-Lakes the word “terroir” takes on a real meaning. The uniqueness of its Jurassic soils, the lush pastures of its valleys and gentle slopes down to the lakes lend a true local identity to the products of the region.

    Who has never heard of “Tête de Moine” or absinthe? It was here in Jura & Three-Lakes that these products originated, and they are still made here by enthusiastic craftsmen and women.

    Tête de Moine, which was first made in the Bernese Jura and is eaten in a rather unusual way, also enjoys a name with an extremely descriptive provenance. Do you know this cheese? Take a trip to the Maison de la Tête de Moine at Bellelay to learn about its history.

    And for those who have a sweet tooth, a side trip to the Visitor Centre of CHEZ Camille Bloch, the chocolate maker who created Ragusa and Torino, is a must.

    The history and secrets of absinthe, the famous aperitif which has been worshipped, despised and prohibited in turn, are unveiled at the Maison de l’Absinthe in Val-de-Travers. Distilleries open their doors both to the curious and the enthusiastic visitor.

    Another distillery product is Damassine, a spirit made from the small plums which grow in the Jura; its history is lavishly told in the Vergers d’Ajoie, a museum dedicated to fruit and distillation.

    Last but not least, the many vineyards which make up the Three-Lakes region express an identity all of their own. As well as wines produced from Pinot Noir and Chasselas grapes, the main varieties planted in the region, there is also Œil-de-perdrix, a fruity rosé or the Non Filtré, a fresh and well-rounded white wine, both of which are Neuchâtel specialities. The Vully and Lake Biel regions should not be omitted from any discussion of wine. They produce increasing numbers of adventurous, balanced wines with well-expressed aromatic qualities ( as well as specialities made from unusual grape varieties.

    The region enjoys an abundance of exceptional products, all of which owe their origin to the passion of their creators. They are celebrated in a series of events throughout the year: the Tête de Moine festival, the truffle markets, the gastronomic festival of St-Martin, the wine festivals and the absinthe festival, to name but a few.

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