-48h in the Siberia of Switzerland

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La Brévine has held the Swiss coldest temperature record for 25 years: In 1987, minus 41.8 degrees was measured there. The high valley in Jura lies at 1,043 metres above sea level and to this day is referred to as the Siberia of Switzerland. But La Brévine offers more than just something for those who love the cold. The high valley of the Vallée de la Brévine and the nearby Jura heights delight visitors with their fairytale landscapes and idyllic lakes; a place where adults and children can have a wonderful time. Whether travelling as a family with children or as a couple, there are numerous activities for everyone to enjoy: Cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, lakeside and forest walks, skiing or a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. And if you have had enough of the freezing cold, we recommend a visit to Le Locle, the watch-making town which also offers a wide range of art and culture!