Neuchâtel festivals and popular celebrations

Music, stands and a festive atmosphere... discover Neuchâtel, its traditions and its people.

Neuchâtel's festivals
Festivity, Festival, Neuchâtel

The first "must" on the open-air festival calendar!

Festivity, Festival, Môtiers

Môtiers welcomes you for the 28th edition of the open air festival.

Festivity, Festival, Savagnier

The Festi'Valderuz is the biennial event for lovers of Hip-Hop culture.

Festivity, Festival, Cernier

The "Poésie en arrosoir" association offers a quality platform for living expressions of poetry!

Festivity, Festival, Gorgier

Free entrance music festival in La Grande Béroche.

Theatre, Cinema, Show, La Chaux-de-Fonds

In the heart of the watchmaking metropolis, a freely accessible street arts festival.

Festivity, Festival, La Chaux-du-Milieu

The Music Festival brings together a host of artists whose diversity is bound to amaze you !

Festivity, Festival, Cernier

Forty mellifluous appointments around the works of the 20 and 21st century await you at the Grange aux Concerts in Cernier, in the Parc Chasseral and Parc du Doubs.

Festivity, Festival, Saint-Blaise

A music festival on a human scale, hosting around thirty groups from the region and beyond, sharing their rich and varied worlds.

Festivity, Festival, Bôle

Music festival in Champ-Rond on the heights of Bôle.

Neuchâtel's popular festivals
Festivity, Festival, Cortaillod

Celebrate wine in the beautiful village of Cortaillod

Festivity, Festival, Auvernier

Stands, concerts and a procession to celebrate the grape harvest

Festivity, Festival, Boveresse

The distillers emerge from their cellars to display their expertise to the world. The "Green Fairy" is the guest of honour!

Festivity, Festival, Boudry

The Boudrysia is Boudry's major biennial festival. Its aim is to make Boudry, its vineyards and its castle better known.

Festivity, Festival, La Brévine

Three evenings, three styles, three moods

Festivity, Festival, Fleurier

THE Carnival of the Canton of Neuchâtel

Festivity, Festival, Fleurier

The great popular festival of the Val-de-Travers

Festivity, Festival, Lignières

About sixty heifers who have spent the summer on the mountain pastures are patiently waiting to return to the farm.

Festivity, Festival, Cressier (NE)

Funfair, concerts and a big procession to celebrate the new wine

Festivity, Festival, La Chaux-de-Fonds

The May festival is a widely known popular event renowned for its musical performances, the running competition for children, and the large flea market.