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Fishing in the canton of Neuchâtel

Whether trout, perch or pike - the canton of Neuchâtel offers ideal conditions for fishing in rivers and lakes, for amateur anglers as well as for professionals.

Fishing - Neuchâtel region
Fishing - Neuchâtel region
Fishing in the canton of Neuchâtel is particularly well developed, and every year the region welcomes many enthusiasts who come to tease trout, perch and pike.
Whether you're a fan of the wilderness and cool rivers, or prefer to fish peacefully beside a bucolic stretch of water, Neuchâtel offers something for every type of angler.

River fishing

Neuchâtel's reputation for river fishing is well established. There are miles of currents ideal for trout fishing. All you need is a cantonal fishing permit to explore the region's main rivers. Short-term permits can also be obtained locally at these addresses
The rivers of the Doubs, Areuse and Seyon each have their own character, and it's with this beautiful mosaic that you can put together your fishing trip.

Lake fishing

The region offers excellent opportunities for lake fishing. This type of fishing is appreciated for its conviviality. Accessible and easy, you don't need to be a 'pro' to get results. A picnic and a few rods will ensure you have a great time with the family. Perch and pike are the main fish sought after in these waters.

Fishing without a licence is possible in certain places and under certain conditions.

An fascinating eco-museum in a protected and preserved natural site.

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