NETiquette - Social Networks Charter

Dear users of Jura & Three-Lakes' social networks. We appreciate your comments and contributions. Respectful interactions with each other are very important to us. We ask you to observe the following netiquette. Thank you for your understanding.


Jura & Three-Lakes social networks are open to all. Jura & Three-Lakes sees these channels as spaces for information and exchange with the hosts and inhabitants of the region.


The Jura & Three-Lakes region's social network team is responsible for managing the region's social networks. The team also acts as a community manager, making sure to stimulate user participation and moderate derogatory comments. These channels are managed, with some exceptions, during office hours. The group reserves the right to moderate the contributions of users in order to allow constructive exchanges between users. To do this, the moderators answer the questions asked on these channels by obtaining information from the tourist offices concerned; retrospectively moderate the comments posted on this page according to the rules of use; can exclude a user who repeatedly violates the rules of use. The team reserves the right not to open a discussion on a given topic or to delete an opinion without notice.


Discussions on Jura & Three-Lakes' social networks are open to all. All members are invited to participate, provided they comply with the laws and regulations in force as well as certain basic rules of conduct, respect and courtesy. The tone used on social networks is certainly lighter and freer than elsewhere, but it does not allow you to insult anyone or anything. In order to guarantee the proper functioning and the simplicity of the exchanges, the administrators of the social networks reserve the right to remove or hide:
  • comments that deviate from the main subject of the publication
  • commercial advertisements, classified ads or messages containing personal contact details
  • politicised messages
  • messages intended to discredit other comments and publications for non-constructive purposes
  • attacks based on race, creed, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation
  • insults and personal attacks
  • any obscene, pornographic or harassing messages
  • incitement to unlawful action in general