Welcome to the Neuchâtel region!

We wish you a pleasant stay with us!
In order to make your stay successful, we ask you to follow the rules of conduct and the charter below:

The RESPECT Motorhome Charter

Respect nature
Explore the local shops 
Stay away from groups
Park in suitable locations
Excel at being courteous and discreet
Communicate with others
Take all these commitments serious…

Rules of conduct

We are grateful to you if you:

  • comply with the road traffic regulations at all times
  • ask the owner's permission if you stop on private property and observe local regulations in public areas
  • choose a location which does not obstruct access to or visibility from neighbouring homes or shops
  • make sure not to disturb your neighbourhood by scattering your equipment around the vehicle (e.g. chairs, tables etc.)
  • contact the police in case of doubt to find out about local parking facilities
  • avoid making noise
  • follow the rules of good neighbourliness
  • watch your pets (pollution and noise)
  • observe the maximum parking time in the same car park
  • pay the site rent if applicable
  • leave the site as clean as or cleaner than when you arrived
  • do not dispose of your waste water in the wild, even in small quantities
  • use the supply areas provided by municipalities or campsites to fill up fresh water and empty waste water tanks - this helps to keep the areas reserved for travellers clean and does not harm the environment