Our heatwave tips

The coming days look set to be sunny. Between hiking, lakes, museums and rivers, the Neuchâtel region offers a multitude of places where you can cool off and enjoy yourself while staying out of the heat.

The beaches of the Neuchâtel Region
Water activity, Gorgier - Chez-le-Bart

A place to relax and swim that children will love!

Water activity, Vaumarcus

A pretty little beach in the shape of a cove to splash around in peace.

Water activity, Boudry

A cute pebble beach at the end of the route du lac.

Water activity, Colombier

The largest stretch of sand on the northern shore of Lake Neuchâtel.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

A small place for insiders to enjoy the lake in peace and quiet.

Water activity, Saint-Aubin-Sauges

Near the jetty, a small beach to cool off during the summer months.

Water activity, Les Brenets

A rocky shoreline and a pebble beach provide access to the peaceful waters of the Lac des Brenets.

Water activity, Petit-Cortaillod

Pretty and vast pebble beach ideal for families.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

The beach in the centre of Neuchâtel in the heart of a vast, quiet and relaxing green space.

Water activity, Bevaix

The most secret of Neuchâtel's beaches offers a magnificent view of the Alps.

Swimming pools in the Neuchâtel region
Water activity, Le Landeron

Fun, relaxation and entertainment at the swimming pool from Le Landeron.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

Lakeside swimming pool, with inside and outdoor pools.

Water activity, Le Locle

An idyllic setting in the heart of nature and a perfect place for relaxation and leisure.

Water activity, Couvet

Sport and fun, no matter what the weather!

Water activity, Engollon

A swimming pool in the middle of the countryside which will please young and old!

Water activity, Neuchâtel

By the lake, the only free-access swimming pool in the Neuchâtel region.

Water activity, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Nestled among the larches, an outdoor pool to delight kids and adults.

Water activity, La Chaux-de-Fonds

A pleasant indoor swimming pool in the heart of this watchmaking city.

Water activity, Boveresse

In the middle of the Val-de-Travers, the swimming pool "des Combes" offers you relaxation and fun!

Lakes are our official sources of freshness.

More infos
Water activities - Rentals
Water activity, Hauterive

Discover the lake shores on board your own watercraft.

Water activity, Colombier

Discover the lake shores on board your own watercraft.

Water activity, Marin-Epagnier

Discover the lake shores on board your own watercraft.

Water activity, Saint-Blaise

Come and try out this great water sport!

Water activity, Les Brenets

Discover on board your own watercraft these impressive gorges carved by the Doubs and forming a natural border with France.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

Waterskiing? Wakebaording? Why not give it a try in an idyllic location.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

Discover the lake shores on board your own watercraft.

Finding freshness
Museum, Travers

A journey to the centre of the earth to see how the miners of yesteryear worked.

Natural sites, La Brévine

Venture out into the valley which has beaten the historic record of cold temperatures in Switzerland: - 41.8°C!

Museum, Le Locle

A mythical descent 23 m underground to discover a unique industrial heritage.

Natural sites, Neuchâtel

Discover an unique site, hidden by the shade of the trees.