Exploring by boat

Ideas for a short break around Biel and Neuchâtel

Junges Paar auf der Schifffahrt von Ligerz zur St. Peterinsel.
Junges Paar auf der Schifffahrt von Ligerz zur St. Peterinsel.. © Andre Meier, Switzerland Tourism
Looking for a weekend getaway for two?

The following idea for an excursion by public transport gives you an impression of the Jura & Three-Lakes region and might inspire your next trip – for a day or maybe longer.

Travel comfortably by train to Biel. Go to the Biel boat quay and embark on the boat to St. Peter's Island. Walk around this idyllic peninsula and discover its picture-postcard landscape, then enjoy a well-earned lunch in the restaurant of the Klosterhotel.

In the afternoon, take the boat to La Neuveville and stroll through this charming town with its colourful houses on the banks of Lake Biel. Then travel by train to Neuchâtel and round off this fun-packed day with a fine dinner in one of the excellent restaurants overlooking Lake Neuchâtel.

Stay the night at the Hotel Beaulac and explore the charming town on the banks of Lake Neuchâtel the following day.

Start the day in Biel!

The boat trip to St. Peter's Island will really put you in a holiday mood. Enjoy a glass of local wine from the Lake Biel region on board as you glide past the picturesque winemaking villages.

St. Peter's Island is a paradise in the middle of Lake Biel. With its reed banks, vines and small sandy beaches, St. Peter's Island is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

After a short walk around the island, enjoy a fine lunch in the restaurant of the Klosterhotel.

Continue by boat to the small town of La Neuveville. Take a leisurely stroll through the cobbled streets and admire the colourful houses and small boutiques.

Continue by train to Neuchâtel. Here you can round off the evening sipping aperitifs on the panoramic terrace of the Hotel Beaulac!

Start the day in Neuchâtel.

There is a market with lots of colourful stalls every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the Place des Halles and Rue du Seyon. You'll be spoilt for choice!

After stocking up with lots of regional delicacies, the tour continues directly to the Neuchâtel local mountain, the Chaumont. From here, you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of the three-lake region.

The descent from Mount Chaumont is an easy hike. A 3.8 km path lined with wooden sculptures leads through the forest back to Neuchâtel.

DAny visitor who stays for one night or more in the Canton of Neuchâtel receives the Neuchâtel Tourist Card. Among other things, it entitles you to free admission to one of the 25 museums. Choose one and off you go!

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