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Head uphill and enjoy a superb view of the Three-Lakes Region.

Chaumont. © Guillaume Perret
Whether you prefer adventure or quiet contemplation, this eagle's nest high above the city of Neuchâtel and the lake offers plenty of activities to suit your taste.

Breathtaking vista
Atop Mount Chaumont, you'll want to gaze at the incredible panorama of Neuchâtel city, the Three Lakes region, the Swiss Plateau and the majestic silhouettes of the Alps in the distance. For an even more spectacular view, climb up the panoramic tower – a real eagle's nest – 1,200 m above sea level at the summit.

By funicular from the city to the mountains
In just thirteen fabulous minutes, you are swept from Neuchâtel's urban environment up to a picturesque landscape of mountains and pine trees, with exceptional views of Lakes Neuchâtel, Biel/Bienne and Murten/Morat as the backdrop.

Fun in a natural setting
Thrills and spills are guaranteed amid the treetops at the Adventure Park, in an incredible location at the upper funicular station, with sweeping views of the lake below. Families will love the play area nestled among huge trees, with goats and shaded picnic tables. At Topeka Ranch a little further on, you can experience the wide-open spaces on a horse or pony. And don't miss the VTT freeride mountainbike centre for a real adrenaline rush!

Strolls and hikes
In this walkers' paradise, you can choose a high-altitude panoramic route as you head for Chasseral or Val-de-Ruz via the magnificent pastures of Pré Louiset. Or you can walk downhill to Neuchâtel on the famous Sentier du Temps (Path of Time), with sculpted wooden statues to explain how life on earth evolved.

- Access by car: approx. 15 minutes from Neuchâtel
- Access by funicular: 10 minutes from La Coudre station


Good to know

Good to know
    • Access by car: approx. 15 minutes from Neuchâtel
    • Access by funicular: 10 minutes from La Coudre station
    • Entry charge for panoramic tower: CHF 1.- (turnstile from 6 am to 10 pm)
    • Play area for children

Links & PDFs

Links & PDFs


Riding | Safe horse-riding in the luscious green landscape of the Neuchâtel hills.

Picnic place | Lovely picnic spot located at the foot of the Chaumont funicular station.

Fun & Adventure | A lovely and spacious playground in the heart of nature, a few minutes from Neuchâtel.

Cultural Heritage | You'll be stunned by the majestic vista from this observatory tower, just a few minutes from Neuchâtel.

Fun & Adventure | Nine different trails amidst the trees for adventure seekers from 2 years of age!

Rail | Grimpez en quelques minutes à 1171 mètres grâce au funiculaire de Chaumont.

Fun & Adventure | With our new generation equipment, immerse yourself in a fun and strategic world.


Hiking | Descente dans la côte de Chaumont, balisée de sculptures en bois.

Hiking | Une vue spectaculaire à apprécier depuis la hauteur

Hiking | Un splendide panorama et des paysages très variés à admirer le long des crêtes jurassiennes.

Hiking | Descendre du magnifique belvédère de Chaumont jusqu'à Enges, à travers les pâturages.