Autumn activities for the whole family

Cruise on the lac des Brenets

Scavenger hunt

Fun & Adventure | Scavenger hunt in the watchmakers’ town and its museums .

Fun & Adventure | With family, friends or your class, come and discover Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque.


Fun & Adventure | A journey through the trees in the Chaux-de-Fonds hills.

Fun & Adventure | With our new generation equipment, immerse yourself in a fun and strategic world.

Fun & Adventure | BMX enthusiasts? Jump on your bike and come practice on the pumptrack from La Robella!

Fun & Adventure | No sledge without snow? In La Robella you can go sledging even in Summer thanks to the railway sledge Féeline!

Fun & Adventure | The snowboarding may be over, but there’s no need for snow to slide down the hill on a board!

Fun & Adventure | Speed through the Robella pastures and trails with all-terrain scooters.

Fun & Adventure | 700 metre slide through mountain meadows. Guaranteed excitement.

Fun & Adventure | Nine different trails amidst the trees for adventure seekers from 2 years of age!

Regional products

Torrée neuchâteloise

A tradition you must experience with family or friends.

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Torrée neuchâteloise

Family hikes

Hiking | La Brévine - La Brévine

Hiking | Les Ponts-de-Martel - Les Ponts-de-Martel

Hiking | Noiraigue - Boudry

Hiking | Chaumont - Neuchâtel

Hiking | Les Brenets - Le Saut-du-Doubs

Hiking | This pretty walk follows the course of the river Seyon.

Hiking | La Sagne - La Sagne

Hiking | Travers - Travers

Indoor swimming pools

Water activity | Sport and fun, no matter what the weather!

Water activity | A pleasant indoor swimming pool in the heart of this watchmaking city.

Water activity | Lakeside swimming pool, with inside and outdoor pools.

Enjoy the lakes

Cruises | Cruise on the biggest lake in Switzerland that’s all Swiss.

Cruises | A wonderfully relaxing time on the lakes Neuchâtel and Murten.

Cruises | An amazing setting and a fantastic drop from a height of 27 metres.

Cruises | This unforgettable cruise takes you on the Lakes of Biel, Neuchâtel and Murten.

With animals