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Torrée neuchâteloise

A tradition you must experience with family or friends.

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Torrée neuchâteloise

Autumnal events

Gastronomy, Tastings | A full-on chocolate happening that will delight all gourmets!

Festivity, Festival | About sixty heifers who have spent the summer on the mountain pastures are patiently waiting to return to the farm.

Festivity, Festival | Around the traditional wild boar on a spit, various stands and activities will be offered at the Botanical Garden.

Tradition, Market, Craft | Switzerland's largest open-air antiques festival in the magnificent medieval town of Landeron.

Festivity, Festival | To celebrate autumn, activities for children, crafts, music and local delicacies await you.

Festivity, Festival | The vineyards of Neuchâtel in honor! Marching bands and parades, a festival you should not miss!

Art, Exhibition | Discover the passion behind the art of watchmaking right at the production sites.

Autumn hikes

Hiking | Educational trail retracing the history of peat farming.

Hiking | A beautiful mineral and aquatic area to explore on foot or by boat.

Hiking | To enjoy the fresh clean air as while strolling around Lake Neuchâtel.

Hiking | Discover the history of the vine and wine in the Neuchâtel region.

Hiking | A stroll among a hundred statues sculpted in wood.

Hiking | A breathtakingly beautiful cirque created from water and ice erosion.

Hiking | Forest trails and vineyard paths take you from lake to lake.

Hiking | A beautiful viewpoint of the Neuchâtel mountains.

Hiking | This 7-hour walk showcases all the charm and variety of the Jura ridges.

Hiking | Swimming in the summer and skating in the winter; a beautiful place for the whole family.

Neuchâtel farm restaurants

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