The Neuchâtel region in autumn

Suggestions for outdoor activities to enjoy these beautiful colours.

Regional products

Torrée neuchâteloise

A tradition you must experience with family or friends.

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Autumn hikes

A beautiful viewpoint of the Neuchâtel mountains.

This 7-hour walk showcases all the charm and variety of the Jura ridges.

Forest trails and vineyard paths take you from lake to lake.

Follow the course of the Doubs and its contrasting landscapes.

A pleasant climb up to the viewpoint at the Rochers de Tablettes

To enjoy the fresh clean air as while strolling around Lake Neuchâtel.

Discover the history of the vine and wine in the Neuchâtel region.

Be amazed by the superb panorama and the immense diversity of the scenery along the Jura ridges.

A breathtakingly beautiful cirque created from water and ice erosion.

A stroll among a hundred statues sculpted in wood.

Suggestions for activities

Family holidays

Treasure hunts, tree climbing, zoos, summer sledging, hiking, museums... The Neuchâtel region is full of activities for everyone.

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Neuchâtel Museums

A beautiful setting and exceptional displays immersing you in a distant past.

Museum, La Chaux-de-Fonds

The biggest museum specialised in clock-making in the world: 4,000 exhibits to see!

Museum, Neuchâtel

Rich colourful collections taking you on a discovery of... Man!

Museum, Travers

A journey to the centre of the earth to see how the miners of yesteryear worked.

Museum, Le Locle

A mythical descent 23 m underground to discover a unique industrial heritage.

Museum, Valangin

A medieval tower surrounded by ramparts, reminiscent of the lords and ladies of yesteryear.

Museum, Neuchâtel

The mammals and birds of Switzerland in their habitat and original temporary exhibits.

Museum, Le Locle

Printmakinf, photography, installation, painting: exhibitions demultiplying points of view.

Towns in the Neuchâtel region
Town, La Chaux-de-Fonds

The capital of the watchmaking industry and the birthplace of Le Corbusier.

Town, Le Locle

This centre of the watchmaking industry lies in the heart of the Montagnes neuchâteloises range.

Town, Neuchâtel

Immerse yourself in the history of a rich thousand years old city.