Discover the Neuchâtel vineyard

The wine will have no more secret for you

Authentic Neuchâtel wines benefiting from a 2000 year history.

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Activities related to the vine
Wines, La Béroche

Discover wine and vineyard accompanied by a heritage guide-interpreter.

Wines, Môtiers

Enjoy delicious sparkling wines in a priory founded in the 6th century.

Discover the local wines in a charming turret.

Museum, embassy of Neuchâtel vineyards and wine store in the superb Château de Boudry.

Guided walk through the vineyards and the picturesque village of Auvernier

Explore the Neuchâtel vineyards on this wine-growing itinerary between Vaumarcus and Le Landeron.

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On foot in the vineyards

Discover the history of the vine and wine in the Neuchâtel region.

To enjoy the fresh clean air as while strolling around Lake Neuchâtel.

Forest trails and vineyard paths take you from lake to lake.

Grape harvest festivals