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Neuchâtel Belle Epoque

Relive the Belle Epoque in Neuchâtel and enjoy some unique experiences : scavenger hunt "Les Chenapans" and guided city tours

Les Chenapans - Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque
Les Chenapans - Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque

Did you know it? It's possible to visit Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque

As the 20th century dawned, Neuchâtel enjoyed a magical interlude prompted by a variety of amazing developments. Inspired by those golden years, the unique tours in the "Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque" series take you back in time to discover how people in Neuchâtel lived a century ago.

Scavenger hunt "Les Chenapans"

To do with your family, in groups or school outing. A host of thrilling challenges add spice to the scavenger hunt, "Les Chenapans – The Rascals". Participants criss-cross the city to seek out wall paintings and decorative features inspired by the Belle Epoque. Plenty of surprises and fun at every stage along the route – but only the smartest competitors will reach the unique treasure at the end of the trail. Enlever : Guaranteed fun for all the family!

Guided tours accompanied by a local guide

Discover an interactive route linking a series of experiences that offer fun as well as information. The highlight: you soak up the ambience of a genuine tram interior of the period as you enjoy this audiovisual tour. Suchard chocolates and a secret absinthe tasting will tickle your nostrils and taste-buds, and you can also try your hand at some of the Belle Epoque popular games.

Lake cruise aboard the steam boat "Le Neuchâtel"

You can follow this exploration of the early 20th century with a cruise on board the "Neuchâtel", an iconic Belle Epoque steamer that was completely renovated in 2014. You can prolong your experience with the help of a digital app that helps you seek out a romantic figure of the Belle Epoque.

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Neuchâtel Belle-Epoque
Neuchâtel Belle-Epoque

With family, friends or your class, come and discover Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque.

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Les Chenapans

Relive the Belle Époque in Neuchâtel during a guided tour and enjoy some unique experiences!

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Visite guidée Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque

Guided City Tours

Self-guided tour

Discover the Belle Epoque in the city of Neuchâtel!

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Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque - Tramoscope

"Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque" activities

Fun & Adventure | En famille, entre amis ou avec votre classe, venez découvrir Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque.

Guided city tours | Découvrir la cité lacustre et sillonner les rues chargées d'histoire à bord d'un petit train.

Fun & Adventure | A l'aide votre smartphone, aidez Pierre à retrouver son Grand Amour.

Rail | Grimpez en quelques minutes à 1171 mètres grâce au funiculaire de Chaumont.

Guided city tours | A la rencontre de la Belle Epoque en ville de Neuchâtel !

Tourist Transport | "Le Neuchâtel" emblème de la ville et splendide héritage de la Belle Époque.

Guided city tours | Vivre la Belle Epoque à Neuchâtel à travers une visite guidée et des expériences inédites !