Natural sites

Lake Biel

Lake Biel is situated at the German and French language border, and it is the eight-largest lake of Switzerland.

St. Peter's Island
St. Peter's Island. © Cathy Gerber
Whether active in sports or in search of peace and relaxation, everyone will find their happiness on the shores of Lake Biel.

Together with the lakes of Neuchâtel and Murten, the Lake Biel is part of the so-called Jura fringe lakes.

The northern shoreland of the Lake Biel is characterised by intensively cultivated winegrowing areas, while the southern shore remains entirely natural. In summer, the lake is populated by stand-up paddlers and windsurfers, kayakers and boaters, fishermen and liners.

The lake’s highlight is the mystical St. Peter’s island with its hidden bathing bays and the venerable monastic hotel. The Lake Biel Navigation Company provides a holiday atmosphere while you enjoy a glass of local wine on board and glide along the picturesque winegrowers’ villages.

With a day or afternoon ticket, you enjoy unlimited access to all scheduled boats navigating on the Aare, Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten.

Ship ahoy!
Cruises, Biel/Bienne

Connoisseurs pick the Aare voyage as Switzerland's loveliest boat excursion.

Brunch, Biel/Bienne

Every Sunday in summer brunch cruise on Lake Biel. Passengers enjoy three hours aboard the MobiCat.

Cruises, Biel/Bienne

Cruise schedule: vineyards, idyllic villages and the famous St. Peter’s Island.

Cruises, Lake Biel, Lake Neuchatel, Lake Murten

This unforgettable cruise takes you on the Lakes of Biel, Neuchâtel and Murten.


Natural sites

St. Peter's Island

The famous peninsula of Lake Biel is a destination prized for its stillness and beauty.

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Charmig villages around lake Biel
Town, Twann

Twann: the village with Mediterranean panache

Town, La Neuveville

With its towers, terraced houses, alleyways and impressive fountains, La Neuveville is a magnificent medieval town on the shores of Lake Biel.

Town, Ligerz

Ligerz: the dreamy wine village

Town, Büren an der Aare

Historic Büren an der Aare is included in the national cultural heritage inventory.

Town, Aarberg

Tradition is mixed with modern-day charm in Aarberg.


A unique wine walk through the vineyards of Lake Biel/Bienne. Learn about the regional wines and their producers during three wine tastings.

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Bathing at lake Biel
Water activity, St. Petersinsel

Small, hidden sandy bays invite you to spend some relaxing hours.

Water activity, Twann

Nice public bathing facility on the northern shore of Lake Biel.

Water activity, Erlach

With its large access to Lake Biel, the beach at Cerlier is perfect for relaxing and swimming.

Water activity, Sutz-Lattrigen

Right next to Camping Sutz on Lake Biel, the lido with its shady trees invites you to relax.

Water activity, Mörigen

A pleasant lawn at the beach adjacent to the nature sanctuary.

Water activity, Nidau

Large outdoor swimming facility on the shores of Lake Biel.

Water activity, la Neuveville

A beautiful beach just a stone's throw from the historic centre of La Neuveville.

Water activity, Nidau

Attractive sand beach in the middle of Biel.

There are a plenty of discoveries to make along the shores of Lake Biel, and the variety of wines cultivated on the steep sunny slopes of the Jura is fascinating.

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Water activities Lake Biel
Water activity, Nidau

Kitesurf, Stand up paddling, hire and sale of equipment, Sup race

Water activity, Nidau

Lessons, hire, tours and events

Paddle alongside the captivating St. Petersinsel in the footsteps of Rousseau, passing charming vineyards...

Water activity, Bielersee | Lac de Bienne

Discover the trend sport from Polynesia at Lake Biel.


Biel (Nidau)–Büren a.A.