The region's long tradition of clock and watchmaking originated in the farming communities of the Jura heights, before its industrialisation and the splendour we know today. Jura & Three-Lakes is therefore the ideal place to discover this precision craft.

Atelier LMEC, Le Locle
Atelier LMEC, Le Locle. © Guillaume Perret

Museums & Manufactures

Among the many museums dedicated to watchmaking, Jura & Three-Lakes is home to the unique International Watchmaking Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which tells the story of time and its measuring instruments. For the most passionate ones, prestigious watchmaking factories offer exclusive guided tours, such as the Zenith Manufacture which opened its "monde étoilé" (starry world) to the public in 2018. 

Watchmaking workshops

However, there is nothing quite like experiencing the genius of watchmaking by stepping into the shoes of a watchmaker and learning about this ancestral know-how during a workshop. The apprentice of a day will have the opportunity to assemble their own Swiss watch. Wherever you stay in the Jura & Three-Lakes region, you will find a watchmaking course close by that suits your wishes and your watchmaking knowledge.

Watchmaking town planning

The guided tours of the towns of Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds, built in the 19th century by and for the watchmaking industry, illustrate the symbiosis between industry and urban planning that has shaped the region. These cities have both been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2009.

Automatons & music boxes

Finally, the town of Sainte-Croix, the world capital of the musical box, is home to masterpieces of mechanical art and automata, notably in the CIMA Museum and the Baud Museum. Not forgetting the REUGE Ltd. factory, which produces innovative mechanical movements much appreciated by heads of state and royal families throughout the world.
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The essentials of watchmaking

200 Years of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Museum, La Chaux-de-Fonds

The biggest museum specialised in clock-making in the world: 4,000 exhibits to see!

Museum, Le Locle

The secrets of time nestled in a magic place: the Château des Monts

Watches, Le Locle

Enjoy the unique experience of a visit of a genuine, world-renowned Swiss watchmaking manufacture.

Watches, Le Noirmont

Production of one’s own mechanical watch with personalized components.

Museum, Biel/Bienne

Cité du Temps - French for the City of Time - is nestled in the heart of Biel, the world's watchmaking capital.

UNESCO World Heritage

Watchmaking town planning

Discover Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds, two amazing cities built by and for the watchmaking industry.

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Visits of manufactures and watchmaking workshops

The "Garde Temps" invites you to put yourself in a real watchmaker's shoes.

Build one's own watch with the help of a watchmaker.

Discover the unique watchmaking heritage of the Franches Montagnes.

Enjoy the unique experience of a visit of a genuine, world-renowned Swiss watchmaking manufacture.

Build your own watch, a unique experience.

Explore the world of watchmaking with an expert watchmaker.

Step in the shoes of a watchmaker and discover the fascinating world of Swiss mechanical watchmaking in a unique way!

Watchmaking town planning agenda