Neuchâtel wines

Vignobles neuchâtelois
Vignobles neuchâtelois. © Guillaume Perret
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Authentic Neuchâtel wines benefiting from a 2000 year history.

Grown in the Neuchâtel vineyards that stretch from Vaumarcus to Le Landeron, our high-quality regional wines are amazingly inventive and subtle. Visit the inviting cellars clustered along the lakeside where you can sample countless specialities such as Oeil de Perdrix, Pinot Noir and Chasselas. Adventurous new products are also emerging from a wine-growing area that combines authenticity with dynamism.

Good to know
Good to know
    • To discover the charms of the Neuchâtel vineyard Vaumarcus in Landeron, follow the sign posts marked "Route du Vignoble". This way you’ll easily find your way through the vines to the wine cellars
    • Discover the vineyards of Neuchâtel by booking your tastings with the wine producers of your choice by clicking on the red "book" button
Neuchâtel wines
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A wildly romantic traditional winegrowing village on the north shore of Lake Neuchâtel.

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