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Castle and Collegiate Church

Castle & Collegiate church Neuchâtel
Castle & Collegiate church Neuchâtel. © Vincent Bourrut
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    • Neuchâtel
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    • 30 Minutes

An iconic architectural ensemble of the city of Neuchâtel.

Built in the late 10th century, the Castle not only gave birth to the city at the foot of its ramparts, but also gave the city its name: Novum Castellum (new castle). Proudly enthroned on their hill, the Castle and the 12th-century Collegiate Church are Neuchâtel's undisputed icons. The exterior of the Collegiate Church and its slender towers, as well as its cloister, have just undergone a complete restoration. Be sure not to miss the cenotaph of the Counts of Neuchâtel!

Opening hours

Opening hours
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    • 08:00 - 20:00


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Good to know

Good to know

- Attention: currently undergoing renovation, the Collégiale is only partly open to the public (until 2022)

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Collegiate church Neuchâtel
Collegiate church Neuchâtel. © Atrium
Neuchâtel City
Neuchâtel City. © Ville de Neuchâtel
Neuchâtel. © Guillaume Perret


Castle and Collegiate Church
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