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Lake Neuchâtel

Hikes, pedal boats, refreshment stands, sandy or pebble beaches... come and refresh yourself by the water.

City of Neuchâtel
City of Neuchâtel. © Switzerland Tourism / Silvano Zeiter
The largest lake in Switzerland is a picture of a thousand colours, a recreational area and a waterway. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself.

Sailing on the largest body of water in Switzerland
With its 220 km2, it can boast of being the largest lake entirely located on Swiss territory. Magnificent in good weather, fiery when the weather gets rough, it offers incredible spectacles in all seasons. And not content with being the largest, it also communicates with the lakes of Biel and Murten via the Thielle and Broye canals. This makes it possible to take beautiful cruises to discover the magical landscapes as you pass from one lake to the other.
Beaches, relaxation and refreshment stands
Want to relax? The lakeshore is lined with picturesque beaches that invite you to bathe and swim. Crystal-clear waters, charming bays, protective trees and cosy refreshment stands guarantee a holiday atmosphere and pure relaxation. The shores also offer picnic and play areas perfect for families.

Active on or under the water
Sailing, water skiing, pedal boating or stand-up paddling: Lake Neuchâtel offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities to actively enjoy the summer. And those who want to explore its hidden secrets can do so at various diving sites.

Walks, wildlife and nature at Lake Neuchâtel
The best way to discover the biodiversity of the lake and its shores is still on foot or by bike. On a beautiful footpath linking Vaumarcus to Marin, you can discover the rich fauna typical of a lake area: Beavers, mallards, great crested grebes, catfish and much more. Along the magnificent route, wine villages alternate with unspoilt nature. 
The beaches of Lake Neuchâtel
Water activity, Petit-Cortaillod

Pretty and vast pebble beach ideal for families.

Water activity, Marin-Epagnier

Shallow water over a hundred metres, the dream for families.

Water activity, Gorgier - Chez-le-Bart

A place to relax and swim that children will love!

Water activity, Bevaix

The most secret of Neuchâtel's beaches offers a magnificent view of the Alps.

Water activity, Auvernier

A succession of charming little coves in the shade of the weeping willows.

Water activity, Hauterive

A large gravel and sand beach with a huge lawn for running or relaxing.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

A stone's throw from the swimming pool of the Nid du Crô, an endless lawn to shake off after swimming.

Water activity, Colombier

The largest stretch of sand on the northern shore of Lake Neuchâtel.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

For a quiet swim a few miles from the city centre.

Water activity, Saint-Blaise

Protected from the currents and the sun, a very attractive area for relaxation and swimming.

Cruise on the biggest lake in Switzerland that’s all Swiss.

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From CHF 37.- Food & Drinks, Neuchâtel

Taste the local specialities aboard a vessel of the LNM shipping company and take in the views of the lovely landscapes around Lake Neuchâtel.

Beach bars and restaurants
Restaurants, Neuchâtel

Restaurant on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel

Restaurants, Neuchâtel

Summer and winter concept restaurant offering organic and regional dishes (Boudry permaculture)

Restaurants, Cortaillod

The restaurant has a beautiful view of the lake, which makes it quiet and relaxing. It also has a playground...

Facing the lake, in a contemporary and comfortable setting, a magnificent restaurant offers you its fusion...

Restaurants, Neuchâtel

Asian restaurant with a large buffet in the port of Neuchâtel

Restaurants, Neuchâtel

Les Bains des Dames is available in two seasons: The summer menu is inspired by the Mediterranean, while...

Restaurants, Chez-le-Bart

Pizzeria restaurant in front of the beautiful pavilion in Chez le Bart

Restaurants, Bevaix

Driven by an overflowing passion for good and beautiful cuisine, Lianel Mercier and his team offer you...

Restaurants, Auvernier

Le Croquignolet is located along the port of Auvernier, almost with its feet in the water! It has two...

Restaurants, Colombier NE

Located on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, the Paradis-Plage restaurant is open every day from 9 am to...

Activities on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel
Water activity, Lac de Neuchâtel

Fill up on water activities and offer joy to the beneficiaries of the association.

Water activity, Auvernier

Passenger transport, initiation or sailing and motor boat training.

Various sports, Neuchâtel

Choose your bike to explore the city of Neuchâtel and its surroundings.

Water activity, Pays de Neuchâtel

Whether trout, perch or pike - the canton of Neuchâtel offers ideal conditions for fishing in rivers and lakes, for amateur anglers as well as for professionals.

Museum, Hauterive

A beautiful setting and exceptional displays immersing you in a distant past.

Golf, Neuchâtel

Ideal for those who enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Water activity, Hauterive

Discover the lake shores on board your own watercraft.

Water activity, Lac de Neuchâtel

Discover the lakes of Neuchâtel, Biel and Murten with fun and sporty water activities.

An fascinating eco-museum in a protected and preserved natural site.

Water activity, St-Blaise

A fantastic spot on the north shore of Lake Neuchâtel!

Walk along the shores of Lake Neuchâtel with dry feet.

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