Extended weekend in the Neuchâtel Region

With the return of the warm weather, come and get away for a few days in our region.

Spring activities

Guided city tour | Discover the Belle Epoque in the city of Neuchâtel!

Guided city tour | Discover Môtiers with your family.

Fun & Adventure | 700 metre slide through mountain meadows. Guaranteed excitement.

Fun & Adventure | No sledge without snow? In La Robella you can go sledging even in Summer thanks to the railway sledge Féeline!

Fun & Adventure | With family, friends or your class, come and discover Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque.

Point of interest | An urban art trail to discover the little-known places of Le Locle.

Fun & Adventure | Scavenger hunt in the watchmakers’ town and its museums .

Fun & Adventure | Nine different trails amidst the trees for adventure seekers from 2 years of age!

Cruises | An amazing setting and a fantastic drop from a height of 27 metres.

Guided city tour | Offbeat audio-guided visit in the watchmaking metropolis, between reality and fiction.

Springtime outdoors

Cultural Heritage | Nature-lovers will find an ideal vantage point not far from Les Brenets.

Natural sites | A superb waterfall made famous by the writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Natural sites | A true haven of serenity and unspoilt nature just 10 minutes from the town centre.

Cultural Heritage | Made of the yellow limestone typical of Neuchâtel, this magnificent 12th-century monument illuminates the city

Natural sites | Near La Brévine, at an altitude of 1039m, an out-of-this-world lake landscape.

Natural sites | Unspoilt nature, a fjord-like river, the highest waterfall in the Jura Mountains.

Natural sites | Head uphill and enjoy a superb view of the Three-Lakes Region.

Museum | Nature in the city: these peaceful gardens are ideal for recharging your batteries... and learning!

Cultural Heritage | A new walkway to go around the Castle of Neuchâtel on the hillside.

to guarantee an unforgettable Ascension weekend

More infos

City breaks

Town | Immerse yourself in the history of a rich thousand years old city.

Town | The capital of the watchmaking industry and the birthplace of Le Corbusier.

Town | This centre of the watchmaking industry lies in the heart of the Montagnes neuchâteloises range.

With the Neuchatel Tourist Card, two days with the family and CHF 446.- saved

With the Neuchatel Tourist Card, three days with a partner and CHF 432.20 saved

With the Neuchatel Tourist Card, one week with friends and CHF 1,314.50 saved