Cultural Heritage

Bienvenue en Ajoie, patrie du HC AJoie !

Welcome to Porrentruy and the Ajoie region, the cradle of the Ajoie ice hockey club!

Porrentruy. © Reto Duriet

We welcome you to the green surroundings of the Ajoie, where you can enjoy culture, nature and relaxation. After the game, it's time to go for a stroll and explore this region which has much to offer for every taste! Whether you love history or art, wide open spaces and nature, or sports of all kinds, you will be able to find it all here.


Porrentruy, a former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Basel, is known for its imposing castle and the Réfous Tower, a massive old watchtower overlooking the old town.

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Top activités Porrentruy
Museum, Porrentruy

Swiss Fruits and Distillery Museum

Cultural Heritage, Porrentruy

Visit unusual places in Porrentruy along the «Secret Circuit».

Museum, Porrentruy

A foundation for the nature heritage of the Jura.

Natural sites, Réclère

A mysterious subterranean world, the kindgom of stalactites and stalagmites.

Museum, Porrentruy

Porrentruy Optical Art

Cultural Heritage, Porrentruy

Excavations at the Banné: searching for a treasure in the Jura’s earth

Museum, Porrentruy

Exhibition of the artists Plonk & Replonk.

Natural sites, Bonfol

Discover the old ponds of the Prince Bishops of Basel

Fun & Adventure, Réclère

Huge dinosaurs in the forest, just above the famous caves.

Fun & Adventure, Porrentruy

Dinotec: a window into the past


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The Ajoie on foot or by bike

Family hike to discover the damassine.

From Delémont to Saignelégier, via Porrentruy and St-Ursanne, the Chemin du Jura is a wonderful 5-stage hiking route. Wide open spaces, breathtaking views, relaxation far from the urban bustle and unforgettable moments are on the programme!

The 7.5-kilometre “Km 0 Trail” through mostly flat and wooded terrain reveals the remnants and traces of three different frontlines – French, Swiss and German.

This 13-km hike is an opportunity to explore the historic site of Le Largin.

Start out in Porrentruy to discover the plains of the Ajoie.

Starting from Grandfontaine and passing by the Caves of Réclère.

After the lovely old town of Porrentruy, across fields to the forested Jura chain. Then a descent through...

The trail leads to the Damassine prune trees, which grow wild and, according to legend, were brought over by crusaders from Damascus a long time ago.

Festivity, Festival

Feast of St. Martin

As every November, the traditional St. Martin's festival takes place in Ajoie and Porrentruy.

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