in nature, with respect

The Jura & Three-Lakes association, like its tourism partners, is committed to the promotion of responsible and respectful tourism.

Indeed, nature belongs to everyone and can quickly be weakened by inappropriate behavior. This is why Jura & Three-Lakes encourages you to respect a certain number of rules when enjoying its benefits.

We therefore invite you to :
  • inform you of the rules in force before leaving on an excursion
  • keep your dog on a leash where required
  • respect the protected biotopes and follow the marked paths
  • dispose of your waste properly
  • do not trample or pick plants
  • respect the forest as a refuge for many wild animals
  • use the grills and fireplaces designed for grilling
  • use the parking facilities or, better still, travel by public transport
  • not to feed the animals


Some areas are prohibited from being flown over by UAVs, and others are subject to restrictions. Please refer to the following page and follow the indications mentioned there:

In general, we invite you to use restraint with your UAV in order not to disturb wildlife or other people present.

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