Heading to escape

Heading to escape

Étang de la Gruère
Étang de la Gruère. © Guillaume Kaufmann @Rogg4n
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Découvrir la région Jura et Trois-Lacs en train et à 2
Découvrir la région Jura et Trois-Lacs en train et à 2. © CFF / SBB
Découvrir la région Jura et Trois-Lacs en train et en famille
Découvrir la région Jura et Trois-Lacs en train et en famille. © CFF / SBB

Natural sites | A nature reserve of national importance, the Etang de la Gruère is a haven of peace and a true paradise for nature lovers.

UNESCO World Heritage | Discover a fascinating world to the rythm of a watch.

Visites | With the brochure "Murten - Enjoy it" you go on a walk through the old town on your own. You will discover the most beautiful viewpoints of Murten, you will go on the unique walkable rampart walls and you will stroll through the arcades of the main street.

Visites | Under several domes, the Papiliorama takes you into a tropical climate where all kinds of animals, plants, insects and, of course, butterflies, live together.

Cruises | Connoisseurs pick the Aare voyage as Switzerland's loveliest boat excursion.

Guided city tours | Discover the Belle Epoque in the city of Neuchâtel!

Guided city tour | Discover renewable energies during a guided tour of the solar power plant and/or a wind turbine at Mont-Soleil.

Natural sites | Solothurn's "local" mountain

Natural sites | The famous peninsula of Lake Biel is a destination prized for its stillness and beauty.


For the foodies

Activité | Discover the region of Lake Murten with the Genussbüchlein! Whether by bike, on foot or by car, enjoy a round trip around the lake with various culinary stops for refreshment before moving on to the next viewpoint! Not to be missed: Medieval Murten with its imposing ring wall open to the public, including climbing the castle tower, the lake with its numerous swimming spots and the beautiful wine regions of Mont Vully.

Museum | From the farm to the cheese dairy

Museum | Discover the rich heritage of this mythic beverage.

Museum | La Chocolaterie à croquer ! takes you on a journey of taste and discovery, a course of which you alone determine.


Totally nature

Entertaining and visiting

Cultural Heritage | Visit unusual places in Porrentruy along the «Secret Circuit».

Fun & Adventure | An exciting treasure hunt in and around the city of Delémont.

Fun & Adventure | On the shores of Lake Biel/Bienne, follow the clues to find the lost key – on foot, by boat, train or Vinifuni.

Fun & Adventure | With family, friends or your class, come and discover Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque.