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The Association "Friends of km 0" aims to take stock of and uncover vestiges found along the first kilometers of the southern part of the western frontline which had been occupied by the French, German, and Swiss soldiers during the 1st World War. .

Sentier du Km 0
Sentier du Km 0
The path Km 0
Brochure of the path ist available in the different tourist offices of the area or online.

Le Largin
Between 1914 and 1918, the whole Swiss army crossed the district of Porrentruy at one point while changing shifts, taking up position at the almost mythical site of Le Largin. While stationed on this stretch of Swiss land between the French and German borders, the troups witnessed the war from close by.

Fortress Les Forges
Located in the Gorges of Pichoux, this is the region’s largest fortress open to visitors.

Fortresses in the ravine of Soyhières
The main fortress blocks the ravine below the chapel of Vorbourg (railway line and road Delémont-Laufen).

You will find here some more information about the different fortresses in the area.
Guided tour can be organised in order to discover theses historical sites.
You can for example have the opportunity to enjoy a fondue or aperitif in the fortresses.

Contact details:
Hervé de Weck
Rue St-Michel 7
2900 Porrentruy
T. +41 (0) 32 466 52 32

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The Kilometer O Trail
The Kilometer O Trail

The 7.5-kilometre “Km 0 Trail” through mostly flat and wooded terrain reveals the remnants and traces of three different frontlines – French, Swiss and German.

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The Kilometer O Trail

A front door to the Jura and to the history of an entire region.

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Once a hospital in the town of the prince-bishops, now a museum.

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Hôtel-Dieu Porrentruy