Immerse yourself in the history of a rich thousand years old city.

Castle & church Neuchâtel
Castle & church Neuchâtel. © - Andreas Gerth
Millennial city with lots of charm, Neuchâtel will enchant you with its elegant yellow-ochre buildings and its privileged location at the largest entirely Swiss lake.
Millennial city made of yellow stone 
Neuchâtel is primarily a castle and a collegiate church proudly towering on top of a hill. It is also a network of alleys bordered by elegant buildings made of Hauterive stone, the yellow limestone that lights up and brightens the whole city. It invites you to go on a long stroll through the largest pedestrian zone found in all of Switzerland!

At the lakeshore
There’s no way you can visit Neuchâtel without spending some time at the lake. Whether you take a walk along the crystal-clear waters on the Quai Ostervald, or you hop aboard the paddlesteamer"Neuchâtel", you will be able to enjoy a lovely view of the Alps in the background. At Les Jeunes-Rives you can engage in water sports and go for a swim, or visit the harbour with its lively cafés and restaurants, teeming with activity in summer.
Attractive cultural offers 
From archaeology to Friedrich Dürrenmatt, to the Jaquet-Droz automata, ethnography and original nature exhibitions, the five museums of the city will impress you with their diversity. Festi'neuch (an open-air music festival), NIFFF (a fantasy film festival), the Buskers Festival (a festival of street musicians) – and the traditional winegrowers’ festival Fête des Vendanges animate the city centre in turn during summer.
Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque
Whether in a group, with your family or alone, a tours of "Neuchâtel in the Belle Epoque" will take you back to the resolutely optimistic spirit of the early 20th century. Playful, interactive, and educational at the same time, this visit makes for some very special experiences!


Cultural Heritage

Neuchâtel Belle époque

Relive the Belle Epoque in Neuchâtel and enjoy some unique experiences : scavenger hunt "Les Chenapans" and guided city tours

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Natural sites


Head uphill and enjoy a superb view of the Three-Lakes Region.

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Natural sites

Vallon de l'Ermitage

A true haven of serenity and unspoilt nature just 10 minutes from the town centre.

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Cultural Heritage

Castle and Collegiate Church

An iconic architectural ensemble of the city of Neuchâtel.

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Museum, Neuchâtel

A short excursion into the heart of Neuchâtel history from the perspective of movement

Museum, Neuchâtel

Rich colourful collections taking you on a discovery of... Man!

Museum, Hauterive

A beautiful setting and exceptional displays immersing you in a distant past.

Museum, Neuchâtel

The mammals and birds of Switzerland in their habitat and original temporary exhibits.

Discover the pictorial and literary art of Dürrenmatt in a beautiful setting.

Water activity, Neuchâtel

The beach in the centre of Neuchâtel in the heart of a vast, quiet and relaxing green space.

Museum, Neuchâtel

Nature in the city: these peaceful gardens are ideal for recharging your batteries... and learning!

Museum, Neuchâtel

Little prodigies dating from 18th century, testimonies of the genius of a family of clockmakers.

Cruises, Neuchâtel

Cruise on the biggest lake in Switzerland that’s all Swiss.

Various sports, Neuchâtel

Bicyle rental across the city!

Watches, Neuchâtel

Build your own watch, a unique experience.

Entertainment, Neuchâtel

Place your bets ladies and gentlemen!

Climb to 1171 metres in a few minutes thanks to the Chaumont funicular.

Guided city tour, Neuchâtel

On a hill overlooking the town and lake, the must-see historical monument of Neuchâtel.

Guided city tour, Neuchâtel

Take the little train through the historical streets of this lakeside city.

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