Farm Restaurants

Farm restaurants

Typical of the Jura countryside, the farm restaurants offer a blend of authenticity and simplicity in terms of the reception and the food you will find there.

Métairie. © Andre Meier / Switzerland Tourism

These farm restaurants, which are typical of the Jura mountains, offer simple but delicious food. Walkers, cyclists and lovers of good food all meet here to share restorative dishes such as a good plate of roesti or a fondue eaten at large, friendly communal tables. The food is prepared from fresh local ingredients.

Open from spring to autumn, the farm restaurants and their terraces are an essential part of the Jura countryside during the better weather. However, some farm restaurants also open in winter and form an excellent destination for cross-country skiers, snow-shoe users or walkers.

These “métayers”, as they are called in the region, are often restaurateurs, chefs, farmers and even cheese-makers all at the same time whose lives are dominated by the seasons. They are like their food - welcoming and genuine. Most of them know the region they inhabit like the back of their hand and are very willing to share their knowledge. Therefore don’t be shy about asking them for information about all the sights and things to do in their area.

Some advice for lovers of good food: after the inescapable “jambon-roestis” (a plate of roesti potatoes with diced ham), you can’t leave without tasting the “cornets à la crème” (cream horns). In farm restaurants in the Chasseral Nature Park you will be offered an “assiette Chasseral” made entirely from products of the park itself.

In May 2023, the steering committee of the list of living traditions in Switzerland adopted the new list, which includes the farm restaurants of the Grand Chasseral. In July 2023, the cantons validated the list, adding the farm restaurants to the list of living traditions in Switzerland. The list was published on August 21, 2023.
Good to know
Good to know
    • As these restaurants are very popular with tourists and local people alike, be sure to book ahead if you want to eat there.
    • Be prepared to pay in cash.
    • Some of the farm restaurants also rent rooms and/or places in bunkhouses where you can spend the night.
The « métairies »
Farm Restaurants, Cortébert

Located on the magnificent Prés-de-Cortébert plateau at 1,148 meters above sea level, Restaurant La Cuisinière offers a varied menu of country-style dishes.

Farm Restaurants

Typical of the Jura countryside, the farm restaurants offer a blend of authenticity and simplicity in terms of the reception and the food you will find there.

Farm Restaurants, Malleray

This farm restaurant is located in the Montoz mountain range and can be accessed from Malleray or Reconvilier.

Farm Restaurants, Péry

This restaurant can be reached from the centre of Péry. Head towards Montoz, then follow the footpath signs.

Farm Restaurants, Courtelary

Not far from the Creux de glace, the Petite Douanne Farm Restaurant offers fondue with cheese made at the farmhouse, delicious cold dishes and menus on request.

Farm Restaurants, Cortébert

Located on the crest of the Chasseral, the Bois-Raiguel Farm Restaurant offers a range of specialities which include ham on the bone with rösti or the Assiette Chasseral.

Farm Restaurants, Montagne-Courtelary

Set below the peak of the Chasseral on its northern slopes, the Milieu de Bienne Farm Restaurant offers a variety of specialities which include grilled or roast sausages.

Farm Restaurants, Romont BE

Country specialities. Rösti, grilled sausages, pork chops, fondue, assorted country cold platter. Terrace....

Farm Restaurants, Les Prés-d'Orvin

This farm restaurant is reached from Les Prés-d’Orvin, heading towards Les Colisses.

Farm Restaurants, Les Prés-d'Orvin

The farm restaurant can be reached from Cortébert, Corgémont and Les Prés-d’Orvin.