Les Bugnenets - Savagnières

Les Bugnenets-Savagnières – Les Bugnenets-Savagnières

Snowshoes Bernese Jura
Snowshoes Bernese Jura. © Grand Chasseral Tourisme
  • Length
    • 7 km
  • Ascents | Descents
    • 452 m | 444 m
    Ascents | Descents
  • Duration
    • 1 h 50
  • Technical | Fitness level
    • Sporty | Easy
    Technical | Fitness level

The track from the Clochette to the Bec-à-l'Oiseau, in the Bugnenets-Savagnières area, offers a breathtaking view of the Alps.

This trail, which goes back and forth to Les Bugnenets-Savagnières, reaches the Bec-à-l'Oiseau and its refreshment bar. Once there, we go back by the same path, before taking a new route to return to the Bugnenets-Savagnières from the Clochette. Between the Bec-à-l'Oiseau and the Clochette, a breathtaking view of the Alps is offered to the hiker who sets out on this path. The trail, which is 7 kilometers long, is quite easy and suitable for everyone. The connection is possible with the Vue des Alpes by Derrière-Pertuis.

Good to know
Good to know
    • Refreshments (drinks) on the slope: Buvette de la Clochette and Buvette du Bec-à-l’Oiseau
    • Extended track with La Vue des Alpes via Pierre Pertuis : 12.3 km
  • City start
    • Les Bugnenets-Savagnières
    City end
    • Les Bugnenets-Savagnières
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Vacation Apartments

Aux Savas
Aux Savas, Bugnenets-Savagnières