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Auvernier, village square
Auvernier, village square. © Switzerland Tourism / david&kathrin Photogtraphy and Film GmbH
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    • Auvernier
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    • 30 Minutes

Auvernier, the site of one of the most significant prehistoric finds in Switzerland, is a traditional winemaking village on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel.

Auvernier is located in the middle of a mellow vineyard above the north-west shore of Lake Neuchâtel. The historic village centre extends a long a central main street, which is fully cobbled. The dense buildings, comprising urban-looking houses and vintners' houses, are interspersed by four squares with fountains. The first correction of the flow of the Jura at the end of the 1860s caused the water level to decrease. Since then, the village has no longer stood directly beside the lake. During the Belle Époque, villas sprang up on the newly-won strip of shore, lining Kantonstrasse, which developed at the same time.

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