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Biel Photographic Days

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An invitation to reconsider the ordinary – the Biel Photographic Days celebrate the significance of the mundane.

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In an era where visual media dominate our daily lives, the 27th edition of the Biel Photographic Days offers a fresh perspective. Emphasizing the mundane over the sensational, this festival leverages the power of the ordinary. The exhibited works of emerging photographers invite us to reflect on the everyday and recognize its unexpected beauty and importance. These images, far removed from the fast pace and noise of our digital world, testify to a sensitive engagement with our environment and daily life. Through these carefully selected works, the Biel Photographic Days encourage us to pause and view the world around us with new eyes. In a time when the screen represents our primary window to the world, this festival reminds us to appreciate the seemingly unspectacular, finding in it a source of inspiration and contemplation.

Opening hours
Opening hours
  • From 3 May 2024 to 26 May 2024
Good to know
Good to know

Vernissage on 3.5.2024 at 18:00 in the Photoforum Pasquart

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On site
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Biel Photographic Days
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