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Twann | Douanne. © Tourismus Biel Seeland | Stefan Weber
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Twann: the village with Mediterranean panache

The shores of the lake with their old plane trees, flower borders, public playgrounds and bathing areas, including a boccia alley and fire pits, are already reminiscent of holidays in the sun.

However, you feel as though you could be in the South of France or Italy in the traffic-calmed alleyways of the village too. Everything is much more leisurely there. The villagers almost always have time for a chat, with hikers and guests too, in the excellent fish restaurants. Specialities are usually served outdoors in the summer. And even the sportiest cyclists have to slow down, not least because of the traditional cobblestones.

The unspoilt village centre, with its rows of listed houses, makes you feel as though you are in southern Europe. Plants and animals from the Mediterranean region abound, particularly as you wander through the vines and along the gardens with their original drystone walls. One of the most attractive hikes, especially on hot days, takes you through the cool and impressive Twannbach Gorge.
You will be tempted to visit the fog-free heights of the Twannberg and the panoramic Jura countryside in winter.

Despite its idyllic appeal, Twann is not a museum village which has nothing else to offer once the last tourist coach has left. On the contrary, a short train ride connects the village with the centres in the east and west. The bakery and the village shop are important meeting places for all ages. And last but not least, young winegrowers are keeping alive and expanding winegrowing on Lake Biel for future generations with sustainably produced fine wines.

Good to know
Good to know
    • Twannbach Gorge with its entrance at the Maillart Bridge.
    • Boat trip to St. Peter’s Island.
    • “The House of Lake Biel Wines” is home to the regional wine information centre and the Federation of Lake Biel Winegrowers.
    • “Viniterra”, the official wine cellar.
    • Numerous catering and accommodation options.