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Botanical walk: The Witch on the trail of wild plants

Graines de curieux
Graines de curieux. © Graines de curieux
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Drink acorn coffee? Eat rosehip ketchup? Washing with nettle shampoo?

Put on your shoes and set off to discover a forgotten world, where magic and wonder await you at the base of the trees! Learn while you have fun: Thanks to its educational card game, the association "Graines de curieux sur les traces des plantes sauvages" (Seeds of the curious on the trail of wild plants) is offering you fun and educational material that tells the story of the wild plants that the witch uses in her daily life, and that grow along the way.
In this game you can discover
- 12 botanical cards, recipes and magic potions to help you learn about nature in your region.
- The map of the walk, with plant geolocation to show you where to find them.
- The witch's 10 golden rules, the wheel of the seasons and the calendar of plants and harvests to accompany you on this magical exploration.

Themed events are offered at intervals along the walk.

The association "Graines de curieux, sur les traces des plantes sauvages" was founded in 2019 by Catherine Louis, Nathalie Siviglia and Fabienne Bertschinger. Its aim is to create close links between the population of a given place, towns and villages, and their surrounding nature, "at kilometre 0". By encouraging respect for our ecosystem, educating people through play to help them discover the importance and richness of nature. Its field centre, "Les ateliers secrets de La Sorcière", offers biodiversity awareness workshops and fun, magical events in schools, institutions and at events to raise awareness among the general public.

Good to know
Good to know
    • Suitable for young visitors and families
    • Educational material for tourists, schoolchildren and teachers.
    • The game is available from the La Neuveville tourist office and can be ordered from the website.
Botanical walk: The Witch on the trail of wild plants
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